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3 myths of women's fitness finally shattered

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Female fitness

Are you letting one of these myths stop you from having the body of your dreams?


The women’s fitness industry is filled with myths that limit ideas and prevent growth. Despite the increase of women who have gym memberships or work out at home, these annoying myths persist. However, you do not have to fall into their trap and let them stop you from achieving your weight loss goals.

Myth 1: Women get bulky from lifting weights

One of the most persistent myths in women’s fitness is that lifting weights will make you look bulky and unnatural. Since your body image and self-esteem are linked together, many women avoid lifting weights and miss out on a powerful exercise routine that can transform their bodies. Multiple studies have shown that resistance training will not make a woman look bulky and can actually benefit her.

Critics often point to female bodybuilders and blame lifting weights on their appearance, so this scares other women from doing this type of exercise. However, the truth is that female bodybuilders take supplements, use strict diets and do more than simply lifting weights to achieve their look. If you are lifting dumbbells a couple of times a week with no supplementation, you will not be transformed into a bodybuilder.

Myth 2: You have to pay for the one diet plan that is right

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The fitness industry has convinced some women that there is the only type of diet that works, and they must pay to gain access to it. However, each woman’s body is unique, and one diet plan may not fit everyone. In addition, there is no need to pay for diet strategies because many of them are available for free or incorporated into fitness plans. For example, the Bikini Body Guide reveals that you can get a free diet plan included with workout programs like the one from Jen Ferruggia.

The best nutritional guides will work with your busy lifestyle and give you enough calories to handle work and family obligations while providing enough support to help you lose weight. You want to focus on diet plans that you can customize, but they should also provide you with easy to use shopping lists and meal ideas.

Myth 3: You can exercise away the junk food

You have probably heard and seen women who believe that they can eat a plate of pastries or two orders of fries by running on a treadmill later that night. Unfortunately, the myth of being able to exercise away your junk food choices continues. If you overindulge, you can easily consume hundreds or even thousands of extra calories in a short period of time. However, your workout routine will not be able to burn all of the extra calories you eat.

Research shows that one doughnut can have 250 to 350 calories, so you would have to walk for at least one hour to burn it off. If you eat more than one doughnut, the walking requirement increases by an hour with each delicious crumb. Most women do not have the ability to add three or four hours of exercise into their daily routines. This means that they cannot burn off the extra calories they consume. It is easier to stick to a healthy diet that requires a reasonable amount of exercise every day.

The fitness world is filled with myths that can affect how a woman works out and tries to lose weight or tone her body. You do not have to be a victim of these myths. The next time a relative or friend warns you about lifting weights or tries to convince you to eat an extra piece of cake, you will know how to respond.

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Love this post!! These myths are so prevalent and yet so untrue!
You are so right! My favorite myth is being able to exercise away junk food. I know it doesn't work, and I have to remind myself of this every time I want a donut!
Completely agree with all of these!