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11 Surprising weight loss strategies: One involves your bed

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If you are struggling to lose weight and keep it off long-term, then these strategies can help.


Although eating right and exercising are the best ways to lose weight and keep the pounds off, it is not easy to maintain this routine. Whether your body does not respond well to diet changes or you lack the willpower to continue, a weight-loss regimen often leaves you wanting more. This is an opportunity to try alternative weight loss strategies that are easy to implement.

1. Get enough sleep

Sleep is an essential part of your weight loss battle, and one of the easiest adjustments that you can apply. It is necessary for normal cognitive function, but it also helps your weight-loss efforts. Sleep boosts your metabolism and helps your digestive system, so your body stores less fat. A simple way to get more sleep is to find a better mattress such as the ones recommended by Foam Nights.

2. Fix your snoring problem

Another factor that might prevent you from getting enough sleep is your snoring. Snoring can cause weight gain because it prevents you from getting a good night’s sleep and makes it harder for your body to take in enough oxygen, which it needs to boost your metabolism and promote digestion.

3. Keep fruit on the table

You know that keeping candy or cookies out of sight can help you avoid temptation. You can use the opposite principle to help you lose weight. If you keep a bowl of fruit on the table, then it will remind you to reach for an apple or orange instead of a bag of chips for afternoon snacks.

4. Go outside

When you spend time outside, it increases the levels of melanocyte-stimulating hormones (MSH) in your body, and studies show that MSH reduces appetite. In addition, being outdoors gives you access to more oxygen that helps your body perform its metabolic functions more efficiently.

5. Get a dog

Pet ownership has a variety of benefits, and weight loss is one of them. A dog will require you to go outside regularly as you to take him or her to get daily exercise. This is one workout buddy who will never flake on you.

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6. Drink water

Water not only hydrates your body to keep your digestion and general metabolism functioning properly, but it also suppresses your appetite. When you start to feel the need for a snack, consider reaching for a large glass of water.

7. Eat almonds

One study showed that eating almonds on a daily basis can curb your appetite while encouraging cravings for foods that have higher nutritional values. A handful of almonds can keep you feeling full between meals and prevent overeating at mealtimes. You simply have to control how many almonds you eat because there are a lot of calories in a single serving.

8. Supplement properly

Supplements can help you lose weight if you use them properly. Vitamins should be used as supplements to your meals and not as entire meal replacements. Fish oil, probiotics, calcium, green coffee extract and other nutrients may assist your metabolic processes.

9. Intermittent fasting

While prolonged fasting or eating very little will throw your body into starvation mode and potentially lead to a variety of other serious health problems, fasting for one or two days per month can help you lose more weight without damaging your body’s natural processes. However, it is crucial to discuss fasting with your doctor before trying it.

10. Chew slower

Multiple studies show that people who chew more slowly are taking in fewer calories. One study revealed that people who eat quickly consume 67 more calories per meal than those who take their time. When you eat slower, it gives your stomach time to process the signal to your brain that says it is full. Eating quickly slows down this signal and allows you to eat more than you need.

11. Go to the sauna

If you struggle with water retention, sweating it out in a sauna can result in fewer pounds showing up on the scale. This is a weight-loss method that has been used for years, and it may help you achieve your weight loss goals. Before you use this strategy, you may want to consult your doctor to make sure your body can withstand a sauna.



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