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10 unexpected ways to lose weight

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If you are tired of the boring diets and endless exercise routines, then you may want to consider these unusual weight loss tricks.


For many people, weight loss is a never-ending journey. You spend years trying to shed the same extra pounds, but are always running into challenges that stall you. However, successful weight loss depends on determination and using the right tricks. The following ten weight loss tips may surprise you.

1. Vitamin B12 injections

Many people struggle with their weight because of a deficiency in vitamin B12. This vitamin is responsible for raising your energy levels and helping your metabolism work properly. Shots can be prescribed for people with a vitamin B12 deficiency, but it is also possible to use the injection as an aid for weight loss. You want to talk to your doctor to see if this is a healthy and safe option for you.

2. Eating chocolate daily

Although it may sound like the wrong diet tip, it is actually a great trick for trimming your waistline. There are two ways that chocolate can help you. First, dark chocolate, which has more cocoa and little sugar, contains many antioxidants that help fight fat and boost energy. Second, a small daily taste of chocolate can curb your sugar cravings, and help you stay away from other unhealthy snacks.

3. Relying on dairy

A popular myth about milk products is that they will sabotage your weight-loss goals, but research reveals the opposite. People who have a deficiency in calcium experience greater fat storage. Since dairy products are the primary source of calcium in many diets, eliminating dairy can affect your ability to lose that annoying fat. Studies show that eating three servings of dairy daily not only helps your digestive system, but also increases your ability to fight fat storage.

4. Embracing breakfast dessert

First, your breakfast should be larger than any other meal. The sooner you eat in the morning, the sooner your metabolism begins to work. In addition, when you eat a large breakfast, it helps you feel full throughout the day instead of living on an empty stomach and craving sweets.

When you eat a large, sweet breakfast, it can reduce your desire for sweets the rest of the day. One study showed that dieters who ate a large breakfast that included a sweet treat lost 37 more pounds than those who did not eat this over an eight-month period.

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5. Flexing while at work

It is often hard to ignore cravings when you are at work and have nothing to distract you. When the vending machine temptations are overwhelming, you want to try clenching your fists. Research shows you can control your food impulses better when you tighten your muscles for 30 minutes.

6. Feasting on soup

During lunchtime, you want to grab a bowl of soup instead of a sandwich. You will eat 20 percent fewer calories at this type of meal and get higher nutritional value from the vegetable content. The broth in the soup will also make you feel full faster and help you avoid extra treats during your lunch break.

7. Grabbing a smaller plate

You want to throw out your large plates and opt for a smaller size. When you have a small plate, it encourages you to eat smaller portion sizes. It is easier to avoid overeating when your plate does not allow enormous portions.

8. Eating wrapped candy

If you cannot resist a sweet treat, then you want to choose wrapped candy. Although wrapped candy may not have less sugar, research shows that people eat 30 percent less candy when it is wrapped. This is because peeling the wrapper takes effort, so it discourages mindless eating and makes you more aware of how much candy you are consuming.

9. Brushing your teeth after every meal

In addition to the oral health benefits of brushing your teeth after a meal, brushing can also help weight loss. The mint flavor discourages cravings after eating, so you stay away from sugar and other snacks. If you cannot brush after every meal, then you can use sugar-free mints or gum.

10. Wearing a ribbon around your waist

Fitness guru Valerie Orsoni of Le Petit Secret says that wearing a ribbon around your waist could be the secret to stop overeating. She claims that a ribbon under your clothes will keep you aware of the size of your stomach as you eat. If the ribbon starts to feel tight, you know that you are eating too much.