Kaiser Permanente California Makes Changes to Insurance Plans

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These health insurance plan changes are designed to provide Kaiser Permanente California clients with better health insurance coverage options that suit their lifestyles and needs. The major changes are designed for the individual and group plans and include several surprising modifications to the deductible plans being offered.

The year 2008 will bring changes in health care for many individuals, families and small companies across the country. Many organizations predict that one of the largest changes will occur in health care costs, with prices rising from three to twelve percent. In the face of these rising health care costs, KaiserQuotes.com, a provider of Kaiser Permanente insurance, is unveiling significant changes to Kaiser California health insurance plans in 2008. KaiserQuotes.com is incorporating these changes with the hopes that they will provide clients with better coverage options. The major changes are planned for the Kaiser Permanente California individual and group plans.

All 2008 non-HSA individual deductible plans will undergo changes. These plans include the $500 Deductible Plan, the $1500 Deductible Plan and the new $1,000 Deductible Plan. All regular deductible plans have included preventive care in the past but now will also include doctor visits with a copayment before the deductible is met. Individuals will also see small changes in prescription drug coverage and a new option for adding 19-22 year old children who are full time college students to their family plans.


One of the biggest changes involves the addition of the $40/$1000 PPO plan to group health insurance policies. This is the first time Kaiser Permanente has offered a PPO plan. Employees on this plan may only use non-Kaiser facilities. In order for employees to be able to use both Kaiser and non-Kaiser facilities, groups would still need to offer the POS plan. The new PPO plan is targeted at groups who have a small handful of employees that live away from Kaiser facilities.

Changes have also been made to the deductible plan offerings for groups. The $40/$1000 Deductible Plan has been discontinued. Groups presently on this plan will be switched to the $30/$1000 deductible plan at renewal. In addition, all the non-HSA deductible plans will be offering an added first dollar benefit. In the past only preventative care visits were covered before the deductible. In 2008 regular doctor visits will also be covered with a copayment before the deductible is met.

As of 2008, for groups only, the $0/$2700 Deductible Plan with HSA and the $30/$2700 Deductible Plan with HSA will be changing from aggregate to embedded deductibles. The embedded deductible option allows for coverage of one family member to begin once that individual reaches the first tier deductible of $2,700. The whole family receives coverage after the second tier family deductible is met. The aggregate deductible, which still applies to the individual plans and the $0/$1500 Deductible Plan with HSA, is a one-tiered deductible requiring that the larger family deductible be met before coverage starts.

KaiserQuotes.com these health insurance plan changes in California online November 24th for individuals and families and December 1st for business groups. These changes in Kaiser Permanente coverage will be incorporated for new applicants in January of 2008 and for existing members at renewal. While many consumers will face higher costs for their health care plans, KaiserQuotes.com hopes these added plan benefits will cause Kaiser Permanente enrollment to continue to increase. Groups and individuals interested in health insurance coverage from Kaiser Quotes.com may obtain a California health insurance quote online.