CA Union Launches Health Insurance Casualty of the Day Series

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The stories of everyday Americans will make the case for guaranteed affordable health insurance and health care.

The California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee today launched a new series of profiles of real American patients that have seen their healthcare denied or delayed at the hands of insurance corporations, the kind of abuses that would end under a guaranteed healthcare system such as proposed in U.S. Rep. John Conyers' HR 676.

The "Health Insurance Casualty of the Day" series will run through the November 4 election on the Guaranteed Healthcare website, which has already received more than 1000 patient stories, told in an effort to bring about the kind of genuine healthcare reform our nation desperately needs.

"Our imploding healthcare system, and the relentless assault on the health and pocketbooks of American families, remains one of the most critical issues facing American voters in November. These profiles of patients, who have endured pain and suffering that any of us or our loved ones could experience, will serve as a reminder of what is at stake in November – and why we need real, guaranteed healthcare reform for all," said CNA/NNOC Co-president Malinda Markowitz, RN.


"It is also our goal to urge the media to devote more attention to this vital issue that affects every American family, and join the discussion of the candidates’ views on healthcare reform, and how we can achieve results that provide real solutions, not just more of the same dismal failures and indifference at present," said Markowitz.

What is needed to cure the broken healthcare system, CNA/NNOC says, is the kind of universal, nonprofit, "single-payer" coverage common to Europe and other industrialized nations. The national nurses movement, and 59 percent of American physicians, now support this kind of "single-payer" system, which is like an improved and expanded Medicare for all. They are joined by a wide majority of the American people, who have repeatedly told pollsters they are looking for fundamental reforms to the healthcare system and a guarantee of care for every patient.

Stories will come from every region of the country, featuring patients from every walk of life, because no American patients are secure when their health is in the hands of a system in meltdown, or from the scourge of skyrocketing premiums, bloated insurance overhead and bureaucracies, an inability to access quality care in an appropriate manner, and job insecurity caused by the healthcare crisis.

Only one healthcare reform will address all these problems and cure our broken healthcare system. That's why America's nurses support a single-payer, expanded and improved Medicare for all, as in HR 676 which has 92 Congressional cosponsors, more than any other health reform bill. HR 676 guarantees health coverage for everyone, assures choice of physician and hospital, controls costs, slashes administrative waste, and returns care decisions to patients and doctors, not insurance companies.

To learn more, visit or The Guaranteed Healthcare website is a project of the California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee (CNA/NNOC). Representing more than 80,000 RNs from California to Maine, CNA/NNOC is the voice of the national nurses’ movement.