Hand Off My Healthcare

Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD's picture

Along with many others, I am working hard in the fight to prevent government takeover of our bodies and our health care, an organization started by one of my "real world" women patients is taking off due to her energy and drive and commitment to maintaining our choice of when, where, and with whom we seek our medical care.

I believe the issue of health insurance and the health care reform transcends politics. Women I talk with daily in my practice want to protect their choices, protect their privacy, and want timely access to medical services, not the "rationing by waiting" that happens in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Europe state-run healthcare systems.


Go to www.JoinPatientsFirst.com and sign the petition, tell your friends, and email your legislators to keep "HANDS OFF MY HEALTHCARE"

Then check out www.PatientsUnitedNow.com the educational organization to help Americans understand the dangers of government run, Canadian style health care. Watch Shona's story, and check out the other videos, opinion pieces, and patient stories on this site.

I urge all of you to visit these sites, print the petitions and spread them around in your local community. Together, we can work to keep our individual health care options, and develop free-market innovations to help make health insurance more affordable and more available to all. Please spread the word.