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The latest news, tips and discussions on Autism Spectrum Disorders. The stories published here aim to provide informational support for adults and parents who raise children with autism.

Autism lawsuit claims state ignored child for years: Ruhl family sues

The Ruhl family has filed a lawsuit after claiming the state of Ohio ignored their autistic child’s needs. They maintain that Weston Ruhl did not receive the necessary medical early intervention he required, and the state refused to provide financial help. Although the family noticed something was wrong before Weston was six months old, he did not get the treatments he needed for several years.

Airlines provide autism support: Advice for flying

An airport can be an overwhelming location for a child with autism, and some families struggle to find an accommodating airline that will meet their needs. However, airports are beginning to join forces with nonprofits to offer special programs for autistic children. They allow families to practice taking their kids to an airport in dry runs.

Missing autistic man Tijuani Jones could be in danger

Police and the family of Tijuani Jones are becoming more concerned about him and are asking local communities in Maryland to help. Jones has autism and disappeared last Thursday from Community Living Inc. located in Frederick. Although he has a tracking bracelet, it is either not working or has been removed, so the family has no information about his current location.

Autism in China’s media coverage skips science

Media coverage about autism is increasing around the globe, but this has not stopped some countries from limiting the type of information that is accessible to people. China has a notorious problem with censorship, and newspapers continue to suffer. Now, people who are interested in learning more about autism are not able to get a complete understanding of the disorder from the media.

Autistic children more sedentary despite surprising fitness levels

A new study has compared sedentary lifestyles among autistic and nonautistic children. The research from Oregon State University reveals that children with autism are more sedentary despite finding encouraging fitness levels. There was only one area that showed autistic kids falling behind compared to kids without autism.

Family being deported because of autistic child: Maria Sevilla reveals details

A family is being deported in Australia because of an autistic child and is considering the appeals process. Maria Sevilla’s son, Tyrone, has autism, and her visa application was recently rejected. Government officials made it clear in the denial that Tyrone was viewed as a burden on the health system and not wanted in the country.

Establishing autism diagnosis in young children

autism diagnosis in young children

Medical experts agree that autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is difficult to diagnose, and the process requires thorough evaluations by trained professionals. Diagnosing the condition at an early age benefits both the child and parents, so it is important for parents to learn ASD symptoms and pay attention to the development of their children. Although there is no easy blood test for the disorder, there are reliable ways to identify autism at an early age.

Autistic teenager missing in disturbing trend: Joshua Lee Lord disappears

It is a nightmare parents never want to encounter, but one family is facing its worst fears as they search for a missing autistic teenager. Joshua Lee Lord has disappeared from his home in Bury, which is located in Greater Manchester, in the United Kingdom. His family is worried about his safety because of health issues.

Autistic adults face health insurance problems

Adults with autism continue to face ongoing problems with health insurance, and age is at the center of the debates. Most programs offer coverage through the age of 21, but families are left with the difficulty of finding new services once their loved ones are older. This leaves thousands of autistic people without the coverage they need.

Fake charity for autism wastes money on ridiculous purchases

fak autism charity

Investigators have uncovered another fake charity for autism that wasted funds on personal purchases instead of the promised services. Brandie Christian and Joshua Hani are accused of running a false charity and using the money collected from donors to buy ridiculous items that they claimed were for the children.

Autistic residents at Winter Park home abused by workers

Workers at a Winter Park home in Florida have been accused of abusing some of the autistic residents. Michael Meeks, Shenika Abraham and Kenneth Hampton Jr. are currently under arrest, and a video exists of their abuse. Another worker who was employed with them at the Threshold Center for Autism came forward with the evidence.

Kelli Stapleton talks to Dr. Phil about autism: Mom tried to kill autistic child

Mother tried to kill autistic daughter

Kelli Stapleton has tried to explain her mindset to Dr. Phil on his show after agreeing to an interview from jail. The mother attempted to kill her autistic daughter and herself, but now admits she deserved to go to prison. She shares disturbing information about her daughter, her behavior and her reaction to dealing with an autistic child.

Autistic boy hospitalized after school bullying finds support on Facebook

Christopher Miller has been facing bullies at school in Tennessee on a daily basis. The autistic boy was recently hospitalized because of the bullying, but his family has found a way to help him cope. Their decision to start a Facebook page, titled Hearts for Christopher Miller, may inspire other families to fight bullying with positivity.

Supermarket makes new shopping carts for autistic children

Autistics children's carts at supermarkets

A supermarket in the U.K. is developing a new type of shopping cart specifically designed for children with autism. Sainsbury’s believes this will help families shop easier while keeping the children more comfortable. The change should offer hope to families around the world that other stores may be willing to follow this example.

Autism stomach problems create drug absorption concerns

Autism drug

Stomach problems are often an issue for people with autism, and the latest research has found another concern. A new study reveals that absorption problems should not be dismissed because of their potential impact on medications. People with autism may not be getting the full benefit of the drugs they are taking on a daily basis.

Autism testing could find CHD8 gene mutation at birth


A researcher who worked on the CHD8 gene mutation study believes that testing at birth for autism is possible and suggests it may one day extend to testing during pregnancy. Dr. Raphael Bernier believes that better treatments will also be possible thanks to an improved understanding of genetics. His words are giving families hope for an improved medical future.

Police handcuff autistic boy and force him to stay on top of squad car trunk

autism boy handcuffed

Another disturbing story has appeared from a school involving an autistic boy. The family of the Florida child reports that he was handcuffed by police and forced to stay on top of a squad car trunk in the heat. The family is angry, but both the police and school state the situation was handled according to their rules.

Fake autism charity escapes severe punishment from courts


Charities have provided valuable support for people with autism and their families, but there are fake organizations that mar the goals of legitimate programs. A recent scandal in Massachusetts involving a police dispatcher running a fake charity for autism has added to the frustration. Unfortunately, the people who wanted to see justice in this case may be surprised by the outcome.

Autism superhero seen in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ movie


The director of “Guardians of the Galaxy” has posted an interesting update from a woman who took her autistic brother to see the film. His positive reaction to the movie has inspired other families who have children with autism to consider watching it. Drax the Destroyer is featured in the film and is a comic book character, but he has a powerful impact on at least one child with autism.

Disney accused of discrimination against people with autism

disney and autism

Disney has been accused of discriminating against people who have autism, and there is an active lawsuit. Families have shared that the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts did not treat their autistic children fairly during visits. The lawsuit may be expanding to include other plaintiffs who have come forward with information about the company.

Medicaid coverage of autism services ordered by CMS

Autism medicaid coverage

Families who have requested help for autism services from Medicaid are getting a glimmer of hope. Each state previously had its own rules that often left families struggling to pay for services on their own. Now, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is making significant changes that will affect all the states.