Michael Savage Autism Assessment

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Michael Savage spoke of autism that made national headlines. On his nationally syndicated radio show, Michael Savage claimed that autism is "[a] fraud, a racket. ... I'll tell you what autism is. In 99 percent of the cases, it's a brat who hasn't been told to cut the act out. That's what autism is."

Two of my worlds have collided - Talk radio, in which I have made my living... and autism, which has had a profound and lasting impact on my family. Please give me a minute and a half of your time and listen to Michael Savage on Autism.

For those of you who don't follow talk radio, Michael Savage is a nationally syndicated radical host who has made his living trying to offend as many people as possible, and now autism and autistic children. He considers himself a conservative, but honestly, to call him conservative is to give real conservatives a bad name. Savage largely exists to hurt people. A protest will be held in New York today, as parents of children with autism picket WOR radio in New York and demand that Savage be pulled from the air. I sympathize with those well-intentioned folks, but I think they are making a mistake.


The Michael Savages of the talk world thrive on controversy. It is the fuel that keeps their shows alive, and the spark that prompts more listeners to tune in and see what outrageous garbage will spew from their pie holes next. If Savage is pulled from this station today, he'll be on two new stations tomorrow.

No, this is yet another lesson that we learned in kindergarten that still applies today. If everyone just ignored Michael Savage, he would eventually go away. Or better yet - have a good chuckle at his expense. Imagine Savage walking a mile in your shoes - as the parent of an autistic child himself or someone suffering from autism.

The belly laugh that that thought produces may just get this parent through the day.

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Money drives the world. The fastest way to deal with this type of individual is to boycott the sponsors of his program. Make it clear that these sponsors are supporting the harassment of handicapped children and watch the sponsor scatter. No sponsors, no hate radio.
I completely concur . . . ignore him and pray that he goes away. The world would be much better not to feed into this monster's madness. He needs to find . . . . a busy highway.
Please help support autistic children and the parents who raise them. This is an outrage. He needs to be off the air. How low do you have to be to insult a disabled child. I am going to call the people who own the station and give them a piece of my mind! I encourage others to do the same. I located this information on the bbb.com website… Name: Buckley Broadcasting Corp.-WDRC, 102.9 Phone: (860) 243-1115 Fax: (860) 286-8257 Address: 869 Blue Hills Ave Bloomfield, CT 06002-3710 Website: www.wdrc.com Original Business Start Date: February 1942 Principal: Mr. Eric Fahnoe, General Manager Customer Contact: Mr. Eric Fahnoe, General Manager - (860) 243-1115
The problem is, what he says is setting back the progress of families with autistic children everywhere to get society to accept and understand them. His ratings are growing as well which means that more people are listening to his views which are unsupported by anyone in the medical community and also grossly understate the very real problems and challenges of these families. This is exactly the same as saying "99% of people in wheelchairs are just lazy -- they can walk, but they choose not to". Granted, there may be a percentage of misdiagnosed cases of autism, but to say that 99% are falsely diagnosed, and are caused by lazy parents, is a blatant lie.
What else needs to be said.
Get rid of that big mouth schmuck!!! He can take his phony credentials and shove them!!!
Don't let your emotions cloud your reason. He was taken out of context.
actually I think Mike Savage has it half right. One needs to differentiate between autism and ASD. I think ASD is a load of crap. Mildly autistic?thats a load of crap. right now a zillion parents are pulling their hair out needlessly turning their kids over to the state, overpaid early intervention teachers (who are paid through our insurance and taxes, this is why health insurance is bankrupt) theres scissor therapy, feeding therapy, walking therapy you name it. and its free, mandated through health insurance. and are we smarter? better eaters? more motor? what a fraud. scam! It used to be autism was diagnosed as severe emotional withdrawal and obsessive behavior. now everyone has autism "spectrum disorder." and moms are not vaccinating their kids, mainly bc they have a low chance of catching disease because most people still do it (this is really fair) Mike Savage is a big mouth who doesnt know what is really going on but ASD is mostly a scam. ANd the teachers and bueracrats involved in it are living high off the hog, the FEAR INDUSTRY.
Autism is a spectrum disorder. There is no differentiation; only degrees. Take the range people consider "normal", then add autism. You're buying into Savage's spin and myth-making. Nobody from the state is raising my daughter; your tax dollars aren't paying for her care or her therapy; my health insurance provider isn't contributing one damned cent. I resent people who have no clue what it means to have an autism spectrum commenting on what autism is or isn't. Savage isn't an expert, and the "experts" he brings on have about as much legitimacy as snake oil salesmen. Have you ever been around children with ASD? No, please, don't answer that question; I already know tha answer. It's quite clear you haven't.
Igorance is bliss. I have aspergers syndrome, which means I have a mild form of autism. You think I am fake without even knowing me? ok.
It's clear from what he said that he was trying to wake those parents up who fit and their children fit into this category. OF COURSE he knows that there are the exceptions, but if you do the reseearch, you'll see that the powers that be have SAID that the goal is to get 50% of all children on psychotropic drugs. Read that as "dumb down" so that they can't figure out what is going on. Not conspiracy theory, but conspiracy FACT. MS would not be on the radio with 350 stations if he was stupid. There is no 'right' to not be offended, and probably a decent percentage of the parents who have protested and complained, are the very ones who don't want to see their free ride for being a parent of a haaaaaaaaaandicapped child taken away.
You have no idea of what you are writing about. You probably never even heard his show. Writers like yourselves should give it up. When was it a crime to speak your mind in the United States. It's about time someone tried to expose the medical industry and doctors for what they are, legal drug pushers! Get a life!
Ok now....This one will no doubt not even get approval for adding to the comments. I am Canadian and (PROUD of it) I can look onto the United States as a third party...You say when was in a crime to speak your mind in the United States...I say when you speak your mind about YOUR president ? Or of course if you are a Dixie Chick....hahahaha....You guys are funny...Or maybe YOU should get a life eh?hahahaha
I hope the First Ammendment to the Constituion has not been taken away!! Those who are ready too burn Savage at the stake, should be sure that They are aware of what He said, and not what some have plucked, and put together. Go too His Web site, and listen, and check other sources; unless Your only purpose, is too be one of the sheep, and think as others have told You. If You are fair and only want the truth, You will be in for a surprise!!!...THINK FOR YOURSELF!! It could be quite satisfying.
I have the original audio on my site at <http://gregstake.blogspot.com/2008/07/audio-that-started-it-all-context-what.html>. I have been listening to his show in order to log the commercials and get an accurate list of current advertisers. I am doing it so I can contact them and ask them to remove their support for his show. I refuse to debate him; that would lend him some sort of legitimacy, and he has none where autism is concerned. However, I did go over the original audio in the context of his spin, and I laid it out on my blog. I think it's important that people know that Savage continues to call sixty percent of cases where autism is the diagnoses "phony". He could claim First Amendment rights if people were trying to regulate him off the air. Some people are asking the stations to remove him, and some have. I prefer to go after the companies who advertise on his show, because that's the recourse we have in a free market--if we don't like companies we patronize supporting the national radio presense of someone who is making incendiary remarks, we can let those companies know that we're not going to support them. I'm not calling for a law banning Savage from the air. I am hitting him in his wallet. Nearly every company that has responded claims that they do not advertise on Savage's show--but the commercials are logged by station and the time they aired, so I've followed up. Home Depot, for one, has been going after individual stations to stop their advertisements from airing. Prison Fellowship Ministries, The Heritage Foundation, Chattem (Gold Bond), Roger Schlesinger (Mortgage Minute Guy), AFLAC, Geico, and DirectBuy have all responded. DirectBuy was the only company to admit that they did have a contract with Savage. They had decided not to renew it. I have a list of sponsors on my blog on the right side of the page. I encourage everyone to contact these advertisers to let them know what they're supporting. On a final note, I find it ironic that someone who points us to Savage's website for clarification has a problem with people cherry picking audio. The audio that started it all was not spliced or altered, nor is there a context that would make it less incendiary. In fact, as I wrote in my blog piece, the context actually makes what he said worse, not better. The audio at Savage's site doesn't include the previous two attacks he's made on autism, one of which occurred on June 30th; the other, a few years back.
How do I get to your blog so I can contact the sponsors?
Michael Savage is vermin who contributes nothing of value to society. His comments about Autism are disgusting, simply disgusting, but not surprising considering the source!
Michael Savage is a coward. He speaks his mind and when challenged he backs downs playing the victim role and ask those working to pay (donate money to his defense) to protect him from his imaginary enemies. Michael's real role in his life is to spew hate, keep division and whine when ask to qualify his many hate filled statements.
My wife and I are the parents of six children diagnosed with the Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). We KNOW Autism, Michael Savage does not. This is the part of what he said that got my blood boiling. More specifically, he said: "... They don't have a father around to tell them, Don't act like a moron. You'll get nowhere in life. Stop acting like a putz. Straighten up. Act like a man. Don't sit there crying and screaming, idiot." Moron, putz, idiot... he is using those words as to what a Autism Dad should be saying. I never say these words to my children! These are HIS words attacking and demeaning MY children. Yes he CAN say what he wants, but the next interview we have (likely this Nov when our documentary airs) I'll say what I want about him and some of these other ignorant people that have it all figured out somehow with obviously NO personal knowledge. In fact, we have come up with three shirts (http://www.cafepress.com/autismbites) that tell Michael Savage exactly what we think.
I have a granddaughter 1 out of 4 beautiful girls They have 2 loving ,devoted and strict parents, concerning behavior and manners.. Their daughter is well behaved but does have autism she has been helped since she was 2.. now 5.. My son's insurance paid for some they paid for the rest.. How offensive it is for you to say such HATEFUL THINGS.. Katie ,My parents brought me up a lot different than you.. I feel sorry for you for being so Hateful
Well in my opinion this so-called man should be ignored...Is he not known to get people all upset? Nothing he says is of any use and it is his listeners that add the fuel...People love him that is why he continues...I have not even heard him but I do know that people love this stuff until it attacks at them...The problem is simple JUST STOP LISTENING!! Something to think about eh? Lisa Mother of Willem age 6 ASD New Brunswick,Canada
Ok ok...Now I am the mother of a child with ASD...I have never even heard of this Michael Savage until this morning....The way I see it is like this...Savage had no doubt demeaned countlees people....Why is it ONLY now that you people are angry?? How do you think his other victims feel.....Does the United States not have a bully law? If so I would suggest you get one. Lisa Mother of Willem age 6 ASD Canada
Everyone who mentions the 1st Amendment, go back to school and get your GED. Please, come back and then we can have a discussion. You are making the rest of the Internet educate you. Savage listeners seem to be ignorant about the 1st amendment. I would like to see a poll of the education level of people who believe Savage getting fired has anything to do with the 1st amendment. Read the damn thing! It's not that hard! If his employer decides to fire him because sponsors drop his show (or because they think sponsors are affected, or almost any reason at all), that is their right as a private business. All you idiot conservatives are running the party for real conservatives. Go back to school. Get an education. Learn some basic social studies.
To say that autism is a fraud is to completely and blatantly ignore a fast growning epidemic in our nation. Michael Alan Weiner is a savage and must be fired. He represents the last of an angry, but thankfully dying breed of ignorant, vestigial sub-humans from America's shameful past. He admits that his own father was an insensitive, savage loser. As a result he is an angry, savage loser who has license to pollute our airways. His audience is comprised of mostly ignorant people who unfortunately breed, vote and believe what this Brooklyn (who lives on the west coast now) Hack has to say. The only fraud here are his credentials and the fact that he's syndicated in the USA; to speak to the ignorants and make his money by inciting even more ignorance. He's the fraud and the consummate anti-American. Leave autistic people alone Michael Weiner you ignorant savage.
as for autism he is way off base, but his comments do apply to other so-called disorders such as ADD and ADHD. We shouldn't be tranquilizing children just because they act like children
Michael Savage was abused in childhood, that is why he's a hate monster. Come on Michael admit it, your impotent! Your so angry at the world you can see straight. Shame on you, your pathetic! Never again will I think about you, and I pray the world follows. Your a sorry excuse of a human being.
Most people have only heard the excerpt that Media Matters wants you to hear. If you take the time to listen to the whole show or read his book (Healing Children Naturally), you would realize that he is speaking out against the doctors and drug companies pushing their poisons. Dr. Savage is a Real American who cares about the future of our country. Not once does anyone mention the the fact that he has spent time and money on the defence of American soldiers on trial for killing terrorisists in Iraq (look in to this story). Before you pass judgment on this man get the real facts, not just what the liberal media wants you to hear.
If you LISTENED to what Michael Savage had to say about Autism & ADD/ADHD etc...you would know that he did NOT say ALL children diagonised with these idorders were brats.....he said that many children in this country are MIS DIAGNOSED with austiim & add/adhd & depression - That many dr's are in kahootz with the drug companies for the money - also schools get extra dollars for every child on physotrophic med's like ritalin etc... as well as people on welfare or government assistance who have a child on these medications......Simply stated - TOO many children are being mis-diagnosed for the sake of the MONEY. If your child is diagnosed - GET A SECOND OPINION ! DOn't medicate your child if it is NOT necessary !
No he didnt say "all' but he did say 99 percent and thats pretty much all.
Michael Savage showed his ignorance, plain and simple. The man has no REAL knowledge on kids who are diagnoised under the Autism Spectrum. I work in a school for kids on the spectrum. I'd like to see him tell a child, who can not speak, to act like a man . He needs to come and spend some time in this population of HUMAN Beings before he places a generalized statement on a truely debilitatiing disorder. I hope to God he never has children or grandchildren that have a mental disorder. Its not an act!!!!!!!!! and trust me, Im a teachers aide/job coach and I do not make much money helping these kids fit into OUR world. or help them to deal with people who show so much ignorance and intolerance for things they do not understand. I feel sorry for him being such a closed minded egotistical person.