Special Diets And Autism

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The Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail reported that researchers have found no evidence to support the 'leaky gut theory'. They say that this theory proposes that vaccines such as MMR damage the intestine causing digestive problems, leading to the production of peptides "which can damage the brain and possibly cause autism".


This well conducted study used reliable analysis techniques to compare autistic children across a broad range of intelligences to age-matched control children. Despite the newspaper headlines and coverage, the study did not look at the effects of the MMR jab and autism. Instead, it tested and compared the urine of autistic boys with the urine of boys without autism. The researchers conclude that there were no differences between the levels of peptides in the groups and say they have effectively disproved the 'leaky gut theory'. However, further research is needed to establish whether a casein and gluten-free diet has other effects on autism.

The researchers call for more studies into special diet as a treatment for autism, but they do not suggest that their research has any implication for the discredited MMR vaccine/autism theory.

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