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Tips For Breeding Your Dog

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Choosing to breed your dog is a big decision and it is natural to feel a little uneasy about the process. These dog breeding tips will help things go smoothly and help you enjoy the entire process.


One of the most important steps is choosing the right mate for your dog. The mate you choose should possess the qualities you want to see carried on in the puppies. Both male and female should be healthy and possess no genetic faults that could jeopardize the health of the puppies.

Make sure the female is very healthy so that her pregnancy and birth are easier. Support her prior to breeding with excellent nutrition and supplements. Of course she should always have excellent nutrition, but a boost will help her energy and help her stay healthy during her pregnancy.

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Good record keeping on both the male and female can help increase your breeding success, but it is especially important with the female. You should keep a history folder on your female which records important dates such as when you first see signs of the bitch going into heat, any changes in behavior, and any medical issues.

You should also have a good working relationship with your veterinarian who can be a very helpful resource throughout the breeding process, during the pregnancy, during labor and of course once the pups are born.

Male dogs have less reproductive problems than female dogs but they can be more difficult to correct. Anatomical defects, low sperm, and infection of the reproductive organs are the most common problems to watch for in a male dog. Hypothyroidism, arthritis of the spine, and Brucellosis should also be checked for in males that show no interest in breeding.

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With the female, the main reason for failed breeding is wrong timing. Because of the length of time a female is in heat, without hormone tests it can be difficult to tell when the "right" time really is. Your vet has a variety of ways to test hormone levels to try to narrow down the best breading time, but at the end of the day it still really is hit and miss.

Female dogs usually go into heat every 6 months starting at around the age of one year. It is important to allow your female to become full-grown and developed before you decide to breed her as she is more likely to have a pregnancy with fewer complications. In some of the larger breeds this doesn't occur until the age of 2.

At around 10 to 12 days after going into heat the bitch will be ready to stand and hold. You start to count the days at the first signs of blood discharge. Each dog is different; therefore, get to know your dog, how she acts, changes in temperament, and the amount of discharge because day one might actually be day three. You will know your timing is right by the willingness of the bitch. When the bitch is ready the discharge will often change from a dark red to more of a tan color so you can watch for this signal as well. Try to place the bitch and stud together several days and several times throughout the heat period up to about the tenth day.

If you want to be safe then put the bitch and the stud together early and try and try again. It's better than being late because you will have to wait another 6 months.

If impregnation occurs your vet will be able to tell around the 22nd day after breeding. Now is the time to start calling those parents to be, congratulating them, and letting them know their new bundle of joy will arrive in a couple of months.

The act of breeding is rather a natural one that requires little intervention from you other than placing the male and female in a safe and secure environment together. If the time is right you will be the proud owner of a beautiful litter of pups in no time at all. If the timing is wrong wait for the female to go into heat again in about 6 months.

These breeding tips should help you find success in breeding your dog.

By Gray Rollins



Thanks for responding Stacy, but am wishing to breed her with another Maltese. She will not be ready again until November. We live in a suburb of KC, MO.. If you know anyone with a pure breed male, It would be most appreciated!
I am breeding my dam and she had her first tie with the stud today. I tried to get her in the house but she got away and peed!!! Could she still get pregnant?
my male dog is just licking her bits , and not doing anything else , shes been on for 3 days when will they mate? :L!
what if the male is a few pounds bigger that the female? should they not mate as it will most likely lead to a Csection or is that just a myth?
Can a Chihuahua around 3 years old mate with a 16 year old yorkie
Hey my dog is in heat and she is accepting males and all but she is still bleeding can She get pregnant if they got stuck 2 times while she is bleeding
I have a 2.5 year old female that has tied during her heat cycle with my 10 month male is it possible she got pregnant they tied 6 times through out her heat cycle and if so what are the sings her first tie was 13days ago are there any first signs of pregnancy that are visible or is it too soon to see signs yet
Hi Carla, in response to your question. Yes it is a possiblility that she might be pregnant as a bitch can get pregnant at any time during her heat cycle. Male sperm will survive for around 5 days inside the female, but its normally between days 11 - 16 when she is most fertile. If you had a successful tie then chances are you will be expecting a litter. Signs of early pregnancy are; behaviour changes, she'll become more clingy and want more fuss, her teats will become more pink and over time droop down, changes With her appetite, she might go off her meals but will pick up again as she gets further along. Visit the vets, they'll feel for small round balls in her stomach area which are the embryo's but this is usually after about 30 -40 days after her mating, they can also do a scan after about 25 - 35 days to determine how many pupps she is carrying. Hope this helps.
I have both the dam and the sire since they are consistently together how many times should I allow them to make during her cycle
My bitch has mated with another husky now a couple of times but never locked on, she is 2 and this would be her 3rd heat. Iv heard a lot of people say unless they tie she won't get pregnant how true is this? X
Hiya Michelle I'm pretty sure that's called slip mating. And dogs can get pregnant from it. My dog finally did get a tie with the bitch I've learnt that sometimes even though the bitch is flagging it doesn't mean she's ready to accept the male. As this was the case we tried every day for 6 days and on the 6th day was when she accepted him and with in 2mins of arriving they were tied. All along I was thinking my male wasn't up to the job and it wasn't him.
Is it possible for a female to go in to heat if there is a female dog in the house hold having puppies? (Less than 6 months since her last heat) she also had a "Gost Pregnancy" we bred our labradoodle and our other felmale gained weight went through the stages with out being pregnant.
Hi I mated my little bitch 5 days ago and she is still bleeding is this normal?
Yes unfortunately even after being tied and getting pregnant she will likely still be in heat for the remainder of the cycle. It's so annoying my male whines and carries on for another week or longer after my female gets pregnant
How to find my lab female dog is ready for matting. my dog is 6 months old. I have fear, if my dog will cross to streetdog. So I have arrange for same lab breed male puppy. I don't knowhowto find. can u give mevyhe tips
my female dog have made pups on her second heat after that she have come in heat more than 5 times every 4 month and i keep breeding her but she never get pregnant again what should i do
So, i have an issue. My Bella is like 10 months and she's in her first heat. I've raised dogs all my life and I've never had a bitch that mated during first heat. Well, she did, today. They locked. The male has been on her for almost 2 weeks, trying, and he got it, today. I don't believe in abortion but i would like to know a few things. 1, what's the possibility of her getting pregnant this time around? 2, does anyone know what kind of complications to expect? And 3, when can i know if she is, aprx how many, and when I'd expect birthing? I've only ever had one get pregnant under my care and it was a long time ago. It also lasted almost 3 months with 8 puppies. Should i be expecting a fairly large litter from a pit mix??? God, i hope not. This wasn't supposed to happen. We already were planning on getting the male fixed before this happened..... Still am though....
I have a Rottweiler my male Rottweiler is a little rough with her she's been with him for the last week I put her out with him when I saw signs of blood and she was swollen he is really rough and plays rough with her and she's very humble I do want to have pups but I don't want him to hurt her because she still swollen does that mean she might not be pregnant
I have 2 years poodle that i am trying to mate him with my doy that in day 12 of her cycle he is not interested at all. Why is that ?
Hi my 4 year old female is in heat and keeps presenting herself to our 2 year old male, we were hoping to breed them only my male doesn't seem to have a clue what he's doing, he keeps licking my female and making funny teeth grinding noises but he hasn't attempted to hump her yet, I'm worried we might miss it can anybody help please
My bitch was on day 10 of her third season and had a successful tie, but her discharge was still dark red she didn't go tan or straw colour and now on day 15, she's almost stopped completely. Is it possible for her to get pregnant as she still offered herself up to the dog?
I have a 3 year old chihuahua, the first day she was on heat i counted 13 days as the breeder told me , and on that day i took her for mating , Do you think it is the right time for my chihuahua to get pregnant or was it too late ?
i want a help. my bitch is started droping blood.after 7 days of mating. is this is normal
Hi, I have a three and a half old female French Mastiff and she's in heat. It's day 13 of her cycle and the bleeding has almost stopped. Is it too late to cross her? I've finally found a male but I'm worried that it might be too late to cross her. Plz help
I have a 3 years old female this is going to be her third time she might get pregnant I decide to change the start the male dog instead to use my personal dog because I wanted to have different colors on purpose this email it's 15 month old and he have never being breed before, today is my female 8 dates and she stopped bleeding, usually am I to Prior litters. I never had problem my personal mail always mad with her without a problem I'm wondering what happened with this dog, is he made to to young, maybe he doesn't know what to do, or my female dog just don't like him I don't want the heat pass and keep trying with this new dog without her to get pregnant please give me some advice thank you
I have a female at the END of her heat, been 3 weeks already and today not bleeding at all and she let my neutered male mount her and they tied. Why would she do that!!!
Has anyone ever heard of a male dog that's gives out of breath and loses energy and never ties..especially a male dog that runs all the time
Has anyone ever heard of a male dog that's gives out of breath and loses energy and never ties..especially a male dog that runs all the time
My German Shepherd is on her 2nd heat but she's not 2yrs old yet is it to soon To try an breed her
They say it's better to skip a heat but it's near impossible to keep them separated if they live in the same home together. My dogs aren't and havnt ever been caged. Just take extra special care of her. She should be fine. I feed my girl hamburger rice cottage cheese chicken and egg mixture for two weeks before and after labor. And she bounces right back.