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Tips For Breeding Your Dog

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Choosing to breed your dog is a big decision and it is natural to feel a little uneasy about the process. These dog breeding tips will help things go smoothly and help you enjoy the entire process.


One of the most important steps is choosing the right mate for your dog. The mate you choose should possess the qualities you want to see carried on in the puppies. Both male and female should be healthy and possess no genetic faults that could jeopardize the health of the puppies.

Make sure the female is very healthy so that her pregnancy and birth are easier. Support her prior to breeding with excellent nutrition and supplements. Of course she should always have excellent nutrition, but a boost will help her energy and help her stay healthy during her pregnancy.

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Good record keeping on both the male and female can help increase your breeding success, but it is especially important with the female. You should keep a history folder on your female which records important dates such as when you first see signs of the bitch going into heat, any changes in behavior, and any medical issues.

You should also have a good working relationship with your veterinarian who can be a very helpful resource throughout the breeding process, during the pregnancy, during labor and of course once the pups are born.

Male dogs have less reproductive problems than female dogs but they can be more difficult to correct. Anatomical defects, low sperm, and infection of the reproductive organs are the most common problems to watch for in a male dog. Hypothyroidism, arthritis of the spine, and Brucellosis should also be checked for in males that show no interest in breeding.

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With the female, the main reason for failed breeding is wrong timing. Because of the length of time a female is in heat, without hormone tests it can be difficult to tell when the "right" time really is. Your vet has a variety of ways to test hormone levels to try to narrow down the best breading time, but at the end of the day it still really is hit and miss.

Female dogs usually go into heat every 6 months starting at around the age of one year. It is important to allow your female to become full-grown and developed before you decide to breed her as she is more likely to have a pregnancy with fewer complications. In some of the larger breeds this doesn't occur until the age of 2.

At around 10 to 12 days after going into heat the bitch will be ready to stand and hold. You start to count the days at the first signs of blood discharge. Each dog is different; therefore, get to know your dog, how she acts, changes in temperament, and the amount of discharge because day one might actually be day three. You will know your timing is right by the willingness of the bitch. When the bitch is ready the discharge will often change from a dark red to more of a tan color so you can watch for this signal as well. Try to place the bitch and stud together several days and several times throughout the heat period up to about the tenth day.

If you want to be safe then put the bitch and the stud together early and try and try again. It's better than being late because you will have to wait another 6 months.

If impregnation occurs your vet will be able to tell around the 22nd day after breeding. Now is the time to start calling those parents to be, congratulating them, and letting them know their new bundle of joy will arrive in a couple of months.

The act of breeding is rather a natural one that requires little intervention from you other than placing the male and female in a safe and secure environment together. If the time is right you will be the proud owner of a beautiful litter of pups in no time at all. If the timing is wrong wait for the female to go into heat again in about 6 months.

These breeding tips should help you find success in breeding your dog.

By Gray Rollins



They are very young to be getting bred - the best age for the both the sire and Dam is two years at least... I wouldnt recommend doing this earlier as they are just pups themselves. Please be a responsible breeder or dont do it all - it really does give the rest of us a bad name.
I thought my bitch was having a silent heat (No Blod) 3 weeks ago.. Took her to stud on the 9th day and she didn't want it, took her back on the 12th day and they tied and than 13th day tied again... Now 3 weeks later she is bleeding and my male dog's I have now are telling me she's in heat... Its been 4 days since I first saw blood and now she is swollen and it's not a dark red as before... Does this mean she didnt concieve 3 weeks ago and wasn't really in heat? Or is it possible she could be having a split heat? Should I breed her now 4 days since I seen blood? She is tryig to hump my males and my younger female...and is swollen...??? Please help....
This is me female's 3rd heat and she has yet to stand long enough to let the male enter her. Is there a way to solve this problem
I sit on the floor and hold my female and let the male mount her. Works every time. If hes to short fold a blanket and let him stand on it. I always hold my female until they disconnect to neither of them get hurt.
My 4 1/2 year old Yorkie went into heat March 4th (Day 1) meet with male on day 6, 8, 10, and 15 but no tie. On day 16 she was still bleeding a light color and tied with male. On day 17 her discharged turned to black? On Day 18 they tied again. On day 19 bleeding has stopped. Could she had gotten pregnant on day 16 or 18? Thank You, Rebecca
I have a three yr old boy who is going crazy bustin out his cage trying to get to my female the thing is when i let him get her he doesnt know what to do he gets up on her and stops... Like he thinks hes done or confused about whats next, then he bites her ear and they fight... I had to use a stud but why cant my guy stick her he does not thrust and this is his third missed heat!!
i have mated my bitch and i find having one person hold her steady and talk to her calmly whilst the dog mounts is good, if he cant get it in somtimes another person to help guide it in can help, my lola has just tied on day 13 so im hoping she will be expecting puppies, you do need two people really as once they tie both male and female will be needed to be kept calm until the tie has finished usually takes between 5-30 mins if either were to panic and boult injury can happen, hope this helps
That wasn't helpful. People want to know how to help a male dog get inside and make the dogs feel secure. This article has very basic information which makes me think you don't know much.
My German shepherd bitch is now nearly 3yrs old she comes into heat every 6 months with out fail, i also own a male German shepherd who is just over 1 yrs old, Lacey (my bitch) is in heat again she is on her 11th day now, i have left both dogs together hoping that nature will take its course, Steel (my male) is very interested in her constantly trying to mount her , whining, barking & sniffing and licking at her, but she just keeps turning on him growling & snapping at him. it is both of their first times. i took her to an experienced stud dog on her last heat but had no joy although she wasn't as aggressive, can anyone give me any advise on anything else i could try? thanks
I have the same problem. My 4 year old male is interested in my 2 year old female. But she gets aggressive and doesn't let him mount on her. What can I do
You need to assist the male by directing him inside the female and be sure to safe guade the female mouth, cause it hurts for first time.
My female rough collie is 2 my mums male rough collie is 5. My girl is on day 10 of her season and is getting very aggresive towards the male does this mean she will not accept him breeding with her. She pushes her bum in front of him then snarles when he gets near. Hes well up for it but is there a chance she will just not let him. Up tk what day would you keep trying ?? Before having a.i completed
Hope someone can help me I have a male and female British balldogs they are over 3 years old they have been brought up to gather and we have been trying to breed them but every time she is in season they is no joy is it because my male is a bit small then the female he try 2 get on but I think he cant reach is they any 1 that can think of a way around it
I noticed my 3 year old German Shepherd female bleeding two days ago, so I put her and my 8 year old GS male in a pen together. She is trying her best to get him to mate, but he is showing no interest. Is it just too early in her cycle for him to ge interested?
hi my female dog came in her 2nd season on 28/5/14 and mated with a male dog on the 6/6/14 and both got stuck together cud she be pregnant as shes still bleeding i need to get her to the vets asap as she got out off bck garden and i want to prevent it happenin again thnks for help
My schnauzer first heat and with her diaper on, I walked out. Of the room for a minute, I get back and she is hooked up with my sons schnauzer! I screamed and tried to break them up, but it seed to creat a lot of pain for both. So I held my little girl and made them both as comfortable as I could until he got out. Is it a sure thing she will have puppies? Will she be ok? Do I need to not let her have a litter. I feel terrible!
Hi, i have a bulldog female which had puppies six months, is it safe to breed a female every time she comes of heat or must i skip her?
I have a 3 year old bitch that I'm trying to put with a 7 year old. She's on her 8th day of heat, he was all willing at the start but then nothing. Should I keep trying?
my bitch has come in to heat and blood is a bit clearer is it best to keep her with stud all the time over next few days or take her home very day
I think i missed something. due to my husbands health and hospitalizations, i think i missed about half a heat cycle or more. I walked past her n the 9th and she was swelled all to hell and bleeding. i immediately kept her from my male she is showing signs of being almost 3 weeks along now. this was not how it was suppose to happen. is it possible i missed alot. i can't even do a breeding calculator to estimate when the pups will be here. HELP!
i have a female dog n she ws born on 22/feb/2012...now i think she is in her 2 or 3rd season she is in heat from last 10 days... so is this perfect time to cross her with a male...??? rply fast its urgent plz ...thnk u
Hi, we are trying to mate a labrador bitch with our labrador dog. The bitch has been bleeding for 10 days now but the dog isn;t interested in mounting her only licking... Is there anything we can do to assist or make the dog want to have sex? It seems odd he isn;t interested as every other tie he has been in with a grin!
I have a big beautiful male German Shepard and he is 2 yrs old so just recently in October of 2014 I started breeding him twice so far and it went well and the puppies came out big and beautiful but just recently I was brought a female that is in heat and at first he was showing interest and mounting her but not inserting that was day one of meeting but after that he hasn't shown interest just smelling and licking that's all the female is interested and will flag and put her rear to him and paw at him to get him up from laying down but he show no interest OK so I got a call about another female that came to heat and the owner wanted to breed with my dog so he brought her to me and I paired him with her and the same thing he would mount her but not insert and the female was willing and flagging and putting her rear to him but after the first day again he did not want nothing to do with the second female ether is there something I'm missing I'm not seeing cause I've had the first female 2 weeks now and the second one a week are they just not ready or what I will appreciate and expert guidance thank you?????
Please help my 2 and half year old husky is in season and on day 13. I have put her with my fathers proven stud 4 times over 4 days now and he will do his thing and she flirts but the actual deed is not being done? Is it early/late or could it be because my dad also owns a bitch and they have paired?
My chihuhuahua is 40 days pregnant and turns 1 next week. Should i be worried about her health? I heard that she could die from trying to give birth. I did not try to breed her . Please let me know your opinion .
No one seems to be replying to the ads. But I will ask anyways. My girl is In heat. She is on her 10th day. This would be her 4th litter If she mates. Well she wants to hump my friends female dog but has not interest in males! She wants the female dog and cries for her. I'm confused...help needed and asap
Our English Bully bitch was accepting our Stud to mount her from day 11, he has been successful with mounting, lock didnt' last for more than 5 mins each time, he has mounted her around 15 - 20 times. were now on day 18 and she is refusing him. Her discharge went from being red to light pink then back to red.. she in the past 2 days has gone off her food. Would you say that she has lost interest with him? How soon will she notice that she is pregnant if he was successful?
I have an unproven male and an unproven female shes on heat and is currently on day 14 but Ive yet to see him even attempt to mount her. They've showed all other signs like being inseparable for days eating together playing together everything he even keeps her clean so she doesn't have to including the floor as well as her "area". I'm just wondering if there is anything i can do to help I don't wanna end up having to weight another six months for him to catch her. I'm scared hes not interested though I mean she shows off even sits on his face , tail curled and raised and is displaying all signs that shows shes ready Ive even been walking them together so he can smell shes fertile but no. He grinds his teeth and shows all signs that he wants her other than mounting her and his lipstick showing. What can I do ?
My 3 yr old Maltese is not registered, but would very much like to breed her at least once. She started her cycle today. I have two questions..How do I go about finding someone who is willing to breed with a non-registered female? Should I contact my vet or what? Also, should she visit the male or the other way around? We don't wish to sell the puppies, just give them to friends who LOVE our Kalli and want a precious baby from her! One time breeding is all we will do, then have her spade. Please help, Sandy [email protected] (816)365-5341 If You would rather SPEAK by telephone or text, please let me know by email. This way I'll know it is you who is trying to contact me...Thank You
well if u live in ottawa i have 2 male Chihuahuas both mixed with a type of terrier