Viagra Keeps a Dog with Heart Condition Alive

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A three year old dog with heart condition, named Talisker, is taking Viagra blue pills to improve blood flow to heart.

The border collie named Talisker had lung infection that caused heart enlargement. The doggie was diagnosed in June 2007, and veterinarians said there is no treatment for the dog.


Talisker's owner, 58 years old Lesley Strong lives in Northamptonshire. She loves her dog and she could imagine her life without him. When the dog was heart condition diagnosed, she was told that there is not much doctors can do for dog. However, they were directed to a lead veterinarian Nat Whitley. She advised Ms Strong to give Talisker Viagra pills.

Ms Strong was very surprised, but she had no other choice rather then to follow doc's advice. Now Talisker is taking 1/4 Viagra tablet 3 times a day and 1/8 aspirin tablet once a day.

Whenever Talisker is getting excited his blood flow is becoming very weak to pump around the body. Viagra pills improve blood flow to heart and improve quality of life.

Ms Strong knows that the pills can't improve Talisker's heart condition, but her favorite doggie is still alive thanks to the pills. She says, every time she's asking for Viagra for her dog at the chemist, it makes everyone excited. However, she is happy to see her dog happy and healthy.



My dog is 14 years old and she's having the same health problems as Talisker. Our veterinarian in Calgary Canada is also giving 1/4 tablet dosage of Viagra twice a day but 1 full tablet of Aspirin per day to my dog. She's managing it well with this medicine. Thanks to the this medicine that not only helping human to resolve their health concerns but also keeping my dog alive.