Gift For Life Saves Pre-Morbid Dog, Supports True Anti-Aging Effects In Canines

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Whitney Lucille, on Memorial Day Weekend of '07, was diagnosed with spleen cancer that had an inoperable tumor with internal bleeding. She could not stand and the veterinarian gave her hours to live, maybe a day! Whitney Lucille was brought home and "The Gift For Life" was immediately administered to this dying Canine. She was treated every four hours with "The Gift For Life." The next day Whitney Lucille was found standing at the back door wanting to go outside. She was given "The Gift For Life" three times a day every day and lived another three weeks, instead of hours!

Saint Roch de Vita, LLC is introducing "The Gift For Life: Beyond Supplements." "The Gift" is a new science in cellular rejuvenation, vitality and longevity. It fights disease and canine aging by using an exclusive "Cell-by-Cell" Recovery Process. It is a fast-acting natural formula which assimilates into a dog's body to signal its own natural hormone production to create a counter to the canine's progressive aging and disease. This supports a real anti-aging effect by stimulation of Hormone balance and growth factors: IGF-1, IGF-2; FGF; NGF; CTGF; EGF.


Most pet owners are not aware they increase their pet's "progressive aging" by poor food product, sedentary lifestyle, toxins to eliminate parasites and stress. These "daily actions" deplete the adrenal system and block the normal production of growth factors. These effects are cumulative and cause progressive aging, disease and an early death faster than nature intended.

Owners should observe within days: increased lean muscle mass/strength; amazingly decreased pain with rheumatism afflictions -- joint pain/arthritis; less recovery time from exercise and stress; thick and wonderful hair coat; Increased ability to focus with energy; well-being with calmness in spirit from a balance in hormone levels leading to true anti-aging effects.

Saint Roch de Vita recently adopted several police K-9 units in Texas: Garland, Wylie, Rowlett, Royse City and Deputy Constable Precinct 2 Mesquite. Lt. Stokes, of the Garland police, believes his dogs will have an edge over the other teams in this year's K-9 competition because of the superior health and recovery benefits "The Gift For Life" will provide his K-9 units.

"Every dog in the world," says company President Lauriston Crockett, "should be taking 'The Gift For Life.' Our product is going to cause a major paradigm shift in the way people will look at canine health and disease prevention."