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Pet Health Care

For many people, pet health is just as important as their own. Emaxhealth reporters provide information readers can use to be better pet parents, as well as stories about dogs and cats that tug at the heart.

For Dogs and Cats, No Such Thing as 'Bad' Fat

While the concept of good and bad fats may be an effective way for humans to monitor the quality of their diets, it is not an appropriate concept for dogs and cats, according to a report in the September 1 issue of the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association.

In general, dogs and cats have more good cholesterol than bad cholesterol in their bodies, no matter what types of fat they eat.

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DNA Bank at Veterinary College Collecting Samples To Study Genetic Basis of Diseases

While the DNA bank's focus is diseases of the dog, a species whose genome was sequenced in 2005, the archive will represent all animals the hospital treats, including cats, horses, cows, sheep, exotics, wild animals and zoo animals.

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Largest Pet Insurer Releases Top 10 Reasons Pets Taken to the Veterinarian

For the second year in a row, urinary tract infection was the top medical condition that cat owners filed medical claims for in 2005 to Veterinary Pet Insurance Co. (VPI), according to a recent review of policyholder claims.

Veterinary visits for skin allergies resulted in the most claims for canines in 2005, which in 2004 ranked second for dogs.

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Pet Health Insurance Comparison Shopping Guide Launched

With the recent surge of new pet health insurance providers entering the marketplace, a convenient resource for pet owners in search of the ideal insurer has been made available on petinsurance.com.

The Pet Insurance Comparison Shopping Guide at petinsurance.com/ (please see the comment below that this source is not helpful for finding pet health insurance) a comprehensive list of important criteria pet owners should consider when looking for a provider, presents petinsurance.com visitors with a checklist of 17 items for evaluating pet health insurers.

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