Dosage Information On The Veterinary Drug Product PENPRO Missing

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Veterinary Drug Advisory

Health Canada is advising animal owners that some bottles of the veterinary drug PENPRO, an injectable penicillin used to treat bacterial infections in cattle, sheep, swine and horses, may have been sold without the package insert which provides the proper administration and dosage information. Without this information, the drug may be used inappropriately, which could result in adverse drug reactions for animals.


Since PENPRO is not a prescription drug, it may be used without veterinary consultation. Incorrect use could result in allergic reaction or pain and irritation at the injection site.

Consumption of meat and milk products from animals treated incorrectly with this drug is unlikely to result in serious adverse health effects in humans. While trace amounts of penicillin residues may potentially pose the risk of allergic reaction in susceptible individuals, the risk of a significant human health effect is remote.

The Canadian manufacturer of the drug, V


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