Pet Health Insurance Comparison Shopping Guide Launched

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With the recent surge of new pet health insurance providers entering the marketplace, a convenient resource for pet owners in search of the ideal insurer has been made available on

The Pet Insurance Comparison Shopping Guide at (please see the comment below that this source is not helpful for finding pet health insurance) a comprehensive list of important criteria pet owners should consider when looking for a provider, presents visitors with a checklist of 17 items for evaluating pet health insurers.

"We have developed this guide in an effort to help consumers make the most educated pet insurance decision possible," said spokesman Curtis Steinhoff. "Similar to purchasing human health insurance, there are several variables that one should take into account when selecting the provider that's optimal for their pet. Our Web-based guide ensures people are making an apples-to-apples comparison when evaluating pet insurance providers."


The online comparison tool presents a host of questions that pet owners should be asking about the pet insurer they are researching in a user-friendly PDF format. From business basics (How long has the company been in business?) to plan specifics (Does the policy have age limits?), this quick-reference guide prompts pet owners to study the important details of a provider and its plans before they actually enroll. "There is a lot of important provider background to consider, eligibility factors to discover, and plan intricacies to understand when it comes to any type of pet insurance," adds Steinhoff.

The tool allows pet owners to compare two competitors with the nation's oldest and largest provider of pet health insurance, Veterinary Pet Insurance Co./DVM Insurance Agency (VPI). The majority of the questions are simple yes/no in format, but a few open-ended queries are included, such as how long you have to file a claim. Created as a PDF document, the guide was intended for easy downloading for consumers who wish to reference the chart from their desktops or print a copy to discuss with their family members. is the official Web site of Veterinary Pet Insurance Co./DVM Insurance Agency, the nation's oldest and largest provider of pet health insurance. Providing pet owners with peace of mind since 1982, the company is committed to making the miracles of veterinary medicine affordable for all pet owners. VPI Pet Insurance plans cover dogs, cats, birds and exotic pets for thousands of medical problems and conditions relating to accidents, illnesses and injuries. Optional Vaccination & Routine Care Coverage is also available.

Pet Insurrance policies are available in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Policies are underwritten by Veterinary Pet Insurance Company in California and in all other states by National Casualty Company, an A+15 rated company in Madison, Wisconsin. For more information about VPI Pet Insurance policies, call 800-USA-PETS (800-872-7387) or visit


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What I expected here was a listing of pet insurance companies with summaries of their policies and some observations of experts, sort of like a book or movie review. The website you refer to above as a comparison shopping guide gets me to the VPI website, not a shopping guide at all. This site isn't at all helpful.
I agree with the other post! I thought I would see some actual comparisons of pet insurance.
This article is mislabeled. It says it is a listing of pet insurance providers but in fact it is an ad for VPI. Makes me go with anybody BUT VPI for employing such slippery tactics.
Dissappointed as the article was a promo for VPI not a pet insurance company comparison as they lead you to believe wonders if they could trust an insurance company that uses deceptive tactics to get people to read about them...
i was looking into pet insurance and i did see VPI- i tell you ... i will not be getting them!!
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