Fireworks May Frighten Pets

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Worried Dog

Fourth of July is fool of fun for everyone, apart from pets. Loud noises and flashes from fireworks on this July 4th can frighten pets and become a reason for pets to be stressed or lost.

There have been cases when pets escaped by breaking glass doors and windows, or digging under fences. These pets were later treated for numerous injuries and anxiety. During the past holiday celebrations there were lots of lost pet who were late found and taken to animal shelters with numerous injuries. These pets needed medical treatment and additional training to recover from physical and psychiatric injuries.

Even those pets, who are not inclined to escape and are properly trained, can become out of control when scared. This is why pet owners are urged to take serious measures to protect their pets from being frightened especially during fireworks.

Pet owners are advised to keep pets at quiet places and not leaving them outdoors. If you are planning to spend your time out of home, make sure that someone (friend or neighbor) can take care of your pet while you are away. Make sure that doors, windows, and blind are properly closed, so that pets could not escape and be disturbed by firework flashes.


Leave radio or TV on a quiet music or pet friendly channel, so that pets have something to be busy with and not pay too much attention on what's going on outside. Things that can be broken and chewed by pets should be taken away from pets.

Don't leave pets in cars, because it will be to hot for them to stay inside. Even if you have windows a bit opened, it will still be difficult for pets to breathe. Besides, your pet may be stolen from a car with windows.

If you are planning to go somewhere for the weekend, take your pet with you and choose a pet friendly location to go to. However, if you still don't want to take pets with you, make sure to have someone to stay with your pet at home.

Make sure that your pet wears ID tag with the address of current location you live and your current phone number. Microchip tags are also a good option for pets, because they can be easily found.

If your pet gets lost despite of measures you take, immediately call your local animal service agency, veterinarian, and the microchip company your pet's tag is registered with.



Microchips are very important, but without registering them it is useless. Please go to they are a proactive "Amber Alert for Pets" it really works. When you report your pet missing, it sends out a lost pet alert poster to Shelters, Rescues, Veterinarians, Municipalities, and Members letting them know that your pet is missing and needs help. Check it out you'll love it.
It is advisable to close the curtains and turn on the TV or radio to provide some distraction. A quiet place, such as a carrier, may provide your pet with a sense of security and comfort.