Personal Fitness Training For Pets

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With one out of every four dogs and cats in the western world reportedly obese, it seems that Fido and Felix are battling a health crisis of their own. Like obese humans, weight- challenged animals run a higher risk of developing diabetes, heart disease and joint and hip difficulties, among other medical problems.

With this knowledge, Fetch! Pet Care, the nation's leading pet care brand offering professional pet sitting and dog walking services, has instituted "Go Fetch!" -- a pet fitness service through which animals under the company's care get up, move and have fun for sustained periods of time with each visit.

For those opting for the company's Go Fetch! service, sitters arrive at the client's home outfitted with balls, frisbees, play toys, string and sheer enthusiasm to give the dogs and cats in their care a fun-filled workout. Each animal exercise regime is carefully tailored to the pet's age, ability, health condition, preferences and temperament.

"Americans spend over $41 billion annually on pet-related goods and services, yet animal obesity persists," said Paul Mann, founder and CEO of Fetch! Pet Care.

"Despite how much they love and provide for their pet, many owners apparently overlook exercise as a fundamental way to foster their dog's or cat's happiness, overall well-being and longevity -- or they simply don't have the time to properly exercise their pet on a regular basis."

Keeping a pet's weight in check through habitual exercise provides them with many benefits, both physical and emotional. Mann offers these insights on the importance of pet-focused Phys-Ed:


-- Health: As with humans, daily exercise provides the body with a variety of health benefits, including improved metabolism and digestion, enhancement of the immune system to better ward off illness, increases in bone and muscle density and overall strength, and maximized cardiovascular system function;

-- Energy: Daily walks or play sessions are a great way of energizing lethargic and/or overweight pets, and will give them a much-needed spring in their step;

-- Temperament: High strung, hyperactive or even aggressive dogs are often quite calm and relaxed after a good day's workout. Regular exercise will keep these angst-ridden pets in a greater state of contentment;

-- Sleep: Want a good night's sleep? So does your pet! Daily exercise can greatly improve the quality of Fido and Felix's overnight slumber -- and in doing so, perhaps yours as well;

-- Socialization: New pups, adopted pets, those received as gifts and/or the timid especially benefit from daily exposure to, and playful interaction with, both humans and other dogs;

-- Happiness: Pets that exercise daily often thrive on, and return, the love and attention they receive from humans and their furry friends during the process;

-- Longevity: Daily exercise is one way to increase your pet's life span. The multitude of health benefits daily exercise provides can help your dog or cat live a longer, healthier and happier life.