Only Natural Pet Store Introduces New Supplements, Treats

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Only Natural Pet Store introduced a new line of supplements and a new line of healthy treats for pets. "As a retailer, we speak with thousands of customers each week about the issues their pets are facing. Our new line of products is designed to specifically meet the needs we hear about every day," says Melissa Grosjean, vice president at Only Natural Pet Store.

The new products include two joint support and arthritis supplements, two digestive aids, an antioxidant and a stool eating deterrent, as well as a variety of free-range and cage-free treats for dogs.

-- Joint problems and arthritis are two of the most popular issues that drive customers to the online retailer. Only Natural Pet's joint support products, Easy Strider and Get Up & Go, treat arthritis, joint stiffness and pain with vitamins, minerals and herbs well-known for their therapeutic and protective effect on the muscles, cartilage and tendons. They may help to reduce pain, swelling and inflammation associated with arthritis, as well as help to halt damage to the cartilage components of joints.


-- According to an MRC Omnibus Study, more than 6.5 million dogs and 12.4 million cats suffer from chronic digestive problems. Vital Digest, an all natural digestive enzyme supplement, and the Only Natural Pet Probiotic Blend assists in balancing the digestive system and maintaining optimal overall health and immunity. Probiotics are often used to help minor gastro-intestinal issues, and are essential for any animal receiving antibiotics or any other prescription drugs that damage intestinal flora.

-- Only Natural Pet Whole Food Antioxidant Blend is a synergistic blend of ingredients formulated to maintain and support a healthy immune system and a healthy, normal aging process. The company's Stool Eating Deterrent is formulated to deter dogs from eating their own stool, a condition that, though rarely discussed, is not uncommon.

Only Natural Pet Store believes the foundation of a pet's good health is based on a fresh, wholesome diet. Nutritional supplements, combined with a healthy diet, can assist in maintaining a pet's optimal health by warding off both chronic and acute diseases.

Only Natural Pet Store also introduced a line of treats made from USDA cage-free chickens and 100% free-range, naturally raised meats including venison, beef, chicken. The treats are free of artificial ingredients, chemical additives, byproducts, or fillers of any kind and are made from meats raised without the use of hormones or antibiotics. All Only Natural Pet branded products are 100% guaranteed.

Only Natural Pet Store aims to be a source of advocacy and education for pet owners seeking information on natural pet care. The company provides extensive educational resources on including a holistic healthcare library, "Ask a Holistic Veterinarian" and numerous articles on pet food, natural flea care, allergies, anxiety and other health conditions.