Anpath Introduces EquineTru For Animal Care

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Animal Care Products

EnviroSystems introducув the initial product of an animal care product line based on its technology platform.


ESI stated that EquineTru, an antiseptic treatment for skin and hoof conditions in horses, was introduced earlier this month at the Atlanta Fall Classic Horse Show held at the Georgia International Horse Park in Conyers, GA. The company is scheduled to introduce EquineTru to leading members of the United States Equestrian Federation, as well as farriers and veterinarians during November and December. Expanded product introduction and marketing efforts will begin early next year by targeting participants of the winter horse show season, which kicks off in January.

The company plans to introduce a number of complementary animal and pet care products designed to support the customer's efforts to prevent and eliminate bacterial, fungal and viral infections on the animal and its environment. Initially, ESI has targeted the equine market. The American Horse Council reports the horse industry contributes more than $25 billion to the annual U.S. gross domestic product. There are more than 9 million horses in the U.S. and it is estimated that at any given time 1 of 10 horses suffers from either skin or hoof ailments.

EquineTru was developed to safely prevent and eliminate persistent and often debilitating skin and hoof ailments caused by micro-organisms. The active ingredient in EquineTru, parachlorometaxylenol (PCMX) has been widely used as an antimicrobial in surgical hand and skin scrubs, antiseptics and disinfectants. It is also successfully used as a topical antiseptic for skin and mucous membranes, an antimicrobial in cosmetic formulations, and as a fungicide in a variety of applications. EquineTru has been reviewed and cleared for market by the Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) a division of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).