Please Bring Me A Bone, A Ball, Better Health

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The holidays are healthier than ever, but it's not just free-range turkey and organic cranberries. More people are looking for long-lasting gifts that will do their loved ones good. Now they can give better health and quality of life to the beloved pets in their lives, too.

"Our dogs and cats rely on us to take care of them," says Dr. Stephen Tobin, a holistic veterinarian who runs a full-service clinic in Meriden, Connecticut. "But most pet foods do not provide the nutrients animals need."

In 1999, Dr. Tobin came across Longlife for Dogs, an all-natural glucosamine/chondroitin supplement formulated especially for dogs. After trying it with animals in his practice, he found that every dog with joint problems improved.


This success led him to become the lead veterinarian for Longlife Pet Supplements, now a line of all-natural or certified organic products that can be used separately or together. Each Longlife program is prescribed specifically for an individual animal.

Longlife products address some of the most frustrating problems pet owners face, from "hot spots" that an itchy dog will chew until they bleed, to hip dysplasia and arthritis that can bring a premature end to a pet's playfulness. Javier Solis, president of the Houston-based company, says that Longlife programs have proved to supply necessary vitamins and minerals, promote a healthy coat, prevent dry and itchy skin, protect joints, and fight the ravages of age, environmental pollution, and unbalanced diet.

Working from information provided by the customer, Longlife will provide a veterinarian-approved dosage plan on any of three levels: preventative, treatment of mild to medium ailments, or treatment of serious ailments. Along with a program for dogs, a Longlife for Cats program is available to help prevent and treat feline joint problems.

Results can usually be seen in two days to two weeks, depending on the severity of the condition. All products are covered by a money-back satisfaction guarantee.

"We believe every pet deserves an opportunity for optimum health and quality of life," Solis says. "That's why our company motto - our mantra, really - is 'Quality of life equals Longlife.'"