Tight Collars Are A Pain In Pet's Neck

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Leon County Animal Control encourages pet owners to check their dogs' collars regularly to ensure they fit properly.

Recently, Leon County Animal Control responded to two cases involving dogs with collars cutting into the animals' skins. Pet owners of juvenile dogs should be especially vigilant.

"Puppies grow quickly, and people tend to forget about adjusting the collars. Before you know it, the collar is cutting the skin, stated Director of Leon County Animal Control Richard Ziegler.

Young dogs' collars should be checked weekly until they are full-grown, and two fingers should fit under the collar at all times. If the collar is snug, it is time to loosen it, or purchase a larger one. Older dogs, as well as cats, also need their collars checked. Pet owners who tether dogs should check collars every several days, as tethers will pull dogs' necks as they move.

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Leon County has an ordinance against improper tethering, and citations, ranging from $273 to $473, can be issued. If you see a dog with a sore around its neck or one that is improperly tethered, report it to Leon County Animal Control.

Reported by Leon County Health Department

Every dog owner should make sure that if their dog wears a collar, that their collar isn't so tight it causes discomfort in their dog. While wearing a collar too tight should be easy for an owner to notice, sometimes their dog's collar is too tight while the owner is unaware.

Dog Collar Safety Tip

Attach an I.D. tag with your address and phone number. This information is more important than the dog's name. Even a young pup can slip out a door. And even the most well-behaved "velcro" dog can get loose and lost. Take the effort to eliminate all opportunities for escape, but just in case, your dog should always have at least one form of I.D.

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How tight should a dog's collar be?
I heard if 3 fingers can fit in between the dog and the collar it is tight enough. But idk, that's the way I've gone with it. Some dogs pull, some have have extra skin so when they pull it loosens. Just an opinion I guess, but for my dogs I have it to fit 4 fingers, but it sometimes seems too loose, and then other times it seems to tight..