Wedgewood Pharmacy Introduces Gourmeds Compounding Service For Veterinarians

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Wedgewood Pharmacy has introduced the Gourmeds compounding service for companion-animal veterinarians, dogs and cats and the people who struggle with giving medications to their pets.

This new service provides the compounded preparations that veterinarians prescribe most frequently in chewable, naturally flavored tablets that are easy to administer - and tasty as a treat. Instead of chemically synthesized flavoring, Gourmeds uses the same high-quality chicken and fish meals that provide the palatable, proven flavors in leading-brand pet foods.


George Malmberg, the pharmacist-president and CEO of Wedgewood, noted: "Even a miracle drug is useless if the pet won't take it. Medicating an animal using Gourmeds is a simple one-step process that does not involve buying, storing or mixing any other flavoring product to improve compliance."

Gourmeds currently is available to prescribers for four commonly prescribed pet mediations, including Cisapride, Metronidazole, Diethylstilbestrol and Methimazole. The company will expand the number of preparations that can be compounded into Gourmeds, in the fourth quarter of 2007.

Malmberg added, "Gourmeds saves time and frustration. It is also a very economical medication form. Because it's a tablet, filling the prescription is much less labor intensive than other forms, such as capsules. This reduces our cost to fill the prescription, which is reflected in the ultimate cost of the prescription."