Remember To Keep Pets Cool

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Lane County Animal Regulation Authority is reminding pet owners to take the necessary precautions for keeping animals cool during the hot summer months.

LCARA Program Manager Mike Wellington said leaving animals in vehicles on hot summer days is an issue the animal regulation authority and the public take very seriously.

It's also illegal. People can be fined from $165 to $816 and receive possible jail time depending on the severity of the offence, Wellington said.

LCARA recommends pet owners:

Keep your pet's water dish full and provide fresh water each day.


Never leave pets locked in cars - the hot summer sun can raise temperatures to 120 degrees inside your car, even with windows rolled down.

Prevent sunburns - keep four-legged friends out of the sun between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., peak skin damaging hours. Otherwise rub sun block on unprotected areas such as skin around lips and tips of noses and ears, especially on fair-colored pets.

Provide plenty of shelter - animals should not be left alone outside on hot days, even in the shade. Shade moves throughout the day so pets need to be kept under a cool shelter or inside during peak hours when possible.

Watch out for heatstroke - symptoms of pet heatstroke include panting, staring, high fever, rapid heartbeat, vomiting, collapse and disobedience, among others. If heatstroke is suspected, call a veterinarian immediately and apply water-soaked towels to hairless areas of the animal's body to lower its temperature.

Be mindful of overexertion - exercise is important to maintain a healthy weight, but too much exertion may cause overheating. Plan for walks early in the morning or late in the evening and at a relaxed pace.

If you are going on vacation or just out of town for the weekend and you're leaving your pet with a caretaker, LCARA officials ask that you leave the caretaker's name and number with LCARA. The regulation authority will list it in your pet's license information as a contact person in case your pet becomes lost. Make sure your pet always has its license on so it can be returned as quickly as possible.


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