Protect Your Pets On July 4

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Lane County Animal Regulation Authority is reminding the community that Independence Day can be a dangerous holiday for pets and livestock.

To keep your pets and animals safe this holiday, LCARA staff offer the following tips:

Secure pets or animals in a quiet place where they will feel safe.

Use caution with open flames and fireworks as pets may be burned or could chase the fireworks and become injured.

Remember that pets do not understand holiday festivities, the sounds and sights of which can actually be a traumatic experience.


Never light fireworks near barns or fields, as it is an extreme fire hazard. And, horses can be especially frightened by fireworks, causing them to run through fences and become lost or injured. They can also injure people when they are startled by the lights and noise.

Keep dogs leashed if you take them outside the home.

Use caution when in or around crowds or people the pet doesn't know.

Remember, dogs get very excited during horseplay in and out of the water and have a tendency to bite when excited.

Use caution when picnicking and barbecuing, many small children are bitten while walking around with food in their hands.

Protect your dog from other dogs that may be loose, keep them at a distance, many bites occur while animal owners are trying to break up a dog fight.

If it is hot, give your pet lots of water