Pet Owners Urged To Take Precautions For Rabies

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Norfolk Department of Public Health urges pet owners, to make sure pets are vaccinated for rabies and kept indoors, in the yard or under the owner's control.

The raccoon incident took place in the 3600 block of Dey Street, in the Norview section of the city, has tested positive for rabies. One member of the family that owns the dog has been advised to consult with their family doctor to determine if rabies post exposure shots are necessary.

It is extremely important for pet owners to keep their animals current on all shots, especially rabies shots. Because rabies is present in wildlife, stray or domestic animals may come in contact with rabid animals. All animal bites and scratches should be reported to local health departments. Incidents occurring in the City of Norfolk should be reported to the Environmental Health Division of the Norfolk Department of Public Health at 683-2712 or Norfolk Animal Control at 664-7387.

The following precautions are recommended to reduce rabies exposure:

* Be sure dogs and cats are up-to-date on vaccinations.


* Keep pets confined to home and yard.

* Keep yards free of food that could attract wild animals.

* Do not handle or touch stray or wild animals.

* Warn adults and children to report any animal bites or scratches.

* Report stray or unvaccinated animals to Animal Control at 664-7387.

* Report all animal or human exposures to the Norfolk Department of Public

Reprinted with permission from the City Of Norfolk Health Department