Family Pets Need Special Care During Warmer Days Of Summer Season

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Most family members enjoy being outdoors during warmer weather, with plenty of time for walks, picnics, trips to the beach and other leisure activities.

Your dogs are happy to be with you, enjoying the sights and smells of nature, but care must be taken to make sure your pets are protected from potential hazards, according to an Ocean County Health Department spokesperson.

"If your dog enjoys walks outdoors, try to arrange your schedule so the walks take place in the morning hours or early evenings when it is cooler," said Ella Boyd, VMD, Public Health Coordinator.


"Many of us refresh ourselves with bottled water as we pursue outdoor activities," she stated. "Just as we become thirstier in hotter weather, so do our dogs. Always carry an extra bottle of water for your pet."

Dr. Boyd said larger dogs can overheat more quickly than smaller dogs, and older dogs tend to overheat more quickly than younger ones. "Adjust your walk accordingly," she stated.

She said some signs of heat exhaustion in a dog include: