IMI Global Launches Pet Food Verification Service

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Pet Food Verification

New service designed to build consumer confidence in pet food products by allowing participants to license the use of IMI Global's seal of approval.


Integrated Management Information, Inc., a leading provider of verification and Internet solutions for the agricultural/livestock industry, today announced the launch of Pet Supply Verified(TM), a comprehensive new pet food verification system designed to build consumer confidence in pet food products.

John Saunders, president and CEO of IMI Global, said Pet Supply Verified was developed in response to the recent nationwide pet food recalls that resulted from a wave of pet sickness and death due to the manufacture and distribution of tainted pet food.

"Pet Supply Verified, which is modeled on our industry leading USVerified and Supply Verified services for the cattle and livestock industry, enables pet food suppliers and manufacturers to build consumer confidence in the origin and safety of pet food products," said John Saunders, president and CEO of IMI Global. "The recent recalls and related consumer confusion in the marketplace underscore the need for a more comprehensive and reliable pet food verification system. Our verification processes, which are setting the standard for verification of meat products for human consumption, are ideally suited for the pet food industry."

IMI Global works with many of America's leading meat industry supply chains helping them build consumer confidence and enable brand differentiation. IMI has helped these agribusinesses build and audit USDA verification programs. In some instances these programs are mandatory for export markets. IMI Global's audit based programs can assist the pet food industry in addressing similar consumer concerns through the verification of production claims.