Blue Buffalo Recalls Canned Dog And Cat Foods

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Canned Pet Food Recall

Blue Buffalo Company is initiating a nationwide recall of all canned dog foods sold under its "Blue" dog food brand, all canned cat food sold under its "Blue Spa Select" cat food brand, and all dog treats sold under its "Blue" dog food brand.

The Company is taking this voluntary action after learning that the FDA has confirmed the presence of melamine, a substance not approved for use in food, in rice protein concentrate used by the contract manufacturer in the production of some of these products.

It should be noted the "Blue" canned dog and cat food products were not formulated or labeled to contain rice protein concentrate, and that the manufacturer, American Nutrition, Inc. added the rice protein concentrate to these products without Blue Buffalo Company's knowledge or consent. For this reason, Blue Buffalo Company is concerned that it can not have any faith in the integrity, or the accuracy of the ingredient labels of any of its products manufactured by American Nutrition. Therefore Blue Buffalo is withdrawing all products manufactured by American Nutrition, including products that American Nutrition claims do not contain rice protein. The FDA investigation into the inclusion of the rice protein by American Nutrition in Blue Buffalo's products is ongoing.


Consumers who have any of the "Blue" can dog foods, "Blue Spa Select" can cat foods, or "Blue" dog treats that are being recalled should stop using the products immediately, and return any unused or partially used products to the retailer where they were purchased, for a full refund.

Blue Buffalo has not received any reports of pet illness from any of the recalled products, but consumers are advised to speak with their veterinarian about any concerns for their pet's health.

The recall includes the following:



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