New Wellness Healthy Weight Natural Food Helps 'Fat Cats' Slim Down

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The Wellness brand of natural food and treats for pets tackles this ever expanding issue head on and now offers cats and their loving owners a specialized solution with Wellness Healthy Weight - part of its new Wellness Dietary Solutions feline dry nutrition line that has been designed with cat health and wellness in mind.

With cats leading more sedentary lives than in the past, their waistlines are growing right along with those of their human companions; 14 percent of whom consider their felines to be "obese" (APPMA National Pet Owners Survey 2005/2006). Overweight cats are also more likely to suffer from diseases such as arthritis, diabetes and heart disease.

Through constant in-depth research, Wellness has produced Wellness Healthy Weight advanced dry cat formula to not only meet the rigorous freshness and natural-ingredient standards of all Wellness recipes, but also help cats shed excess pounds and maintain a healthy weight.


"Nothing contributes more directly or significantly to a cat's health than diet. And just as for people, eating well and exercising are what's right for cats," said Dr. Edward Moser, VMD, consulting veterinary nutritionist for Wellness. "Monitoring the ingredients and amount of food that goes into your cat, along with encouraging increased activity levels, will help the pounds come off."

How to tell if your cat is too fat? As a subjective assessment of body condition, you should be able to feel the backbone and touch the ribs in a feline of healthy weight. If you cannot feel the cat's ribs without pressing, there is too much fat. Cats are unique in that they tend to develop a ventral fat pad, so cat owners should also watch for the development of a "belly" as a sign of obesity in their pet.

"We're committed to providing customized nutrition solutions that will help cats live longer, healthier lives," said Wellness CEO Jim Scott. "The real-food ingredients in our lower calorie Wellness Healthy Weight formula combine to make the perfect recipe for cats and their owners looking for ways to naturally solve this important health problem."

Wellness Healthy Weight is just the remedy for heavy adult cats. Along with increasing activity levels and instituting a controlled eating plan, this special recipe, with 11 percent less calories than found in the Wellness Complete Health adult offerings, is formulated to help cats achieve their weight loss goals. A healthy blend of fiber satisfies hunger to help change eating behaviors. And the WellFlex System(TM), with the power of glucosamine and chondroitin, helps maintain healthy hips and joints. And just like every other offering from Wellness, Wellness Healthy Weight features only USDA, human-quality animal proteins, and contains no meat by-products, corn or corn gluten, wheat, soy, artificial preservatives, artificial colors or artificial flavors.

By Wellness Pet Food