AVMA Posts Comprehensive Pet Food Recall List

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Pet Food Recall

The American Veterinary Medical Association has posted a comprehensive list of all pet foods recalled in connection to a suspected wheat gluten contamination.

The comprehensive AVMA Pet Food Recall List is available at www.avma.org. This information has been posted by the AVMA to help pet owners and veterinarians more easily and quickly sort through the over 100 pet foods currently recalled.

The number and brands of pet foods that have been recalled in connection to contaminated wheat gluten has grown since Menu Foods, a private-label pet food producer based in Canada, initially announced the recall on March 16. The AVMA Pet Food Recall list consolidates all manufacturer, brand and formulation information.


The AVMA also reminds pet owners what should be done if an animal is found to be affected by these contaminated pet foods. Most importantly, pets need to be seen and treated by a veterinarian. If your pet shows signs of loss of appetite, lethargy, vomiting or change in urination, consult a veterinarian immediately.

The AVMA wants all veterinarians to know that any reporting problems with the FDA complaint lines have been addressed and they should continue to call the FDA's Consumer Complaint Coordinator for their state.

Pet owners must remain informed on the latest recalls, recheck all pet food in their possession, and stop feeding their pets any of the recalled pet foods that they have in their homes. Many veterinarians have reported that animals have recently been made ill by foods recalled from store shelves weeks ago.

The comprehensive AVMA Pet Food Recall List contains all recall information that has come to the attention of the AVMA, but it is not guaranteed to be complete. The AVMA encourages all concerned to contact the specific manufacturer regarding the status of any particular pet food or treat.