California Mayors Recognize Anniversary Of Pet Insurance In America

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Pet Health Insurance

In a broad show of support for California-based Veterinary Pet Insurance dozens of mayors across the 'Golden State' have written letters to VPI congratulating the pet-centric company on reaching the historic milestone of protecting America's pets for a quarter of a century.


VPI has also proclaimed April 7 as National Pet Health Insurance Day in commemoration of the company's very first policy issued on that day in 1982 to television's Lassie.

As the nation's oldest and largest pet health insurance provider, VPI has received signed letters of congratulations from over 50 mayor's offices throughout California, representing a population of nearly four million people -- including those in Long Beach, South San Francisco, Anaheim, Burbank, and VPI's headquarters, Brea -- conveying gratitude to VPI for its commitment to helping make proper veterinary care affordable and empowering pet owners to make optimal healthcare decisions for their pets.

"Because we were founded and have our headquarters in California, we place tremendous value on the support we've received from our leaders in cities and towns across the state," said Dennis P. Drent, CEO of VPI. "As we celebrate this milestone in pet healthcare, VPI is delighted to have gained recognition from neighboring communities as being the only pet insurance provider to offer pet owners peace of mind for the last 25 years. Throughout that time, we have seen more than 50 competitors come and go."