Abaxis Offers Community Outreach Program to Concerned Pet Owners

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Pet food safety

Abaxis, Inc. (Nasdaq: ABAX) a medical and veterinary manufacturer of point-of-care blood analysis systems, announced today that it is organizing a large scale community outreach program in response to the recent pet food recall.

On Saturday, March 31, the company will set-up a one day free Wellness Testing Program for concerned pet owners in the East Bay area of California to bring their pets for health screening. The location will be at the site of the company's worldwide headquarters in Union City, California.

Utilizing Abaxis' Comprehensive Diagnostic Test Profile and the company's state-of-the-art VetScan blood analyzer, pet owners will have results in less than 15 minutes. This process only requires a few drops of
blood taken from the cat or dog and tests all the necessary blood constitutes to assure proper kidney function. Additionally, the profile tests for liver disease and can diagnose a wide range of illnesses often
before the animal begins showing signs of clinical disease.


Pet owners for which the company uncovers underlying diseases will be referred to a local veterinarian, taking along with them the full blood chemistry report. For those without a regular veterinarian, the company will refer them to local clinics.

"We are hearing from customers all over the country and throughout the animal health industry that this problem might be much more widespread than reported, ultimately having a potentially tragic affect for many pet owners. We encourage in particular those families with pets that might not be able to otherwise afford routine or preventative treatment for their cat or dog to come to our facility for the free testing, in particular if any of the suspect foods were used, regardless of the animal exhibiting any signs or symptoms of illness," commented Martin Mulroy, Vice-President Marketing and Sales for the North American Veterinary Business.

For more information on this free one day Wellness Testing Program please visit www.abaxis.com/veterinary/ or call Jennifer Simonson at 800-822-2947, extension 6585.

The company will also have educational handouts for the pet owners on the importance of routine, preventative healthcare for their pets. Abaxis will also be accepting donations for the local ASPCA and will match funds collected during this community service event.