North Carolina Animal Control Announces Dog And Cat Vaccination

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Animal vaccination

We have two dates in April for discounted vaccinations. The vaccinations will be given by local veterinarians. There will be a $5.00 charge for dogs and cats vaccinated at the times and locations listed for residents of Johnston County.


After the clinics are completed, animals must be vaccinated at their owner's expense by a licensed veterinarian.

Only one year rabies vaccination tags will be given out.

N.C. State Law requires that all dogs wear their rabies tag. County ordinance requires all dogs to wear collars. The County Animal Control Division will collect and impound at-large animals not wearing collars and tags. Anyone may impound stray dogs and cats at the County Animal Shelter.



Is a 5 way shot sufficient for dogs in the southern states (we are from Minnesota) and want to know if it is recommended to have the 7 way here.