Hairstyle That Costs $800 Dollars, Not Celebrity

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Would you spend $800 dollars for this hairstyle? I don't know if there is any hairstyle in the world that may justify spending 800 dollars on a hair cut. This hair stylist says there are people who do that.

I don't know if the celebrities spend $800 dollars for their celebrity hair styles. Do they?

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Definitely rubbish.... noone in their right mind spends 800 Dollars for a haircut!!!!!! I should think not even Meg Ryan ........... Apart from the fact that I could have done the "3" variations myself........ unfortunately one is not able to see oneself from back well enough and therefore haircuts selfmade are difficult.

I'm not wealthy, but I felt $600 was worth having my hair straightened before I did some traveling. I didn't want to have to worry about blow drying or straightening my hair in South America, so I shelled out an entire week's pay check on my hair!

I definitely think it was worth it! Although a permanent hair straightening is like going to the salon every day for six months, so maybe it is different from what you are talking about.

I don't think one should spend so big amout just for hairstyles .800 dollar are so much for hairstyles even they are celebrities or any other person .


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