Sunny Beaches Are Not Good For Hair Style

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Summer vacations at beaches are the most desirable vacations for all, but not for our hair. Shiny sun and salty water cause difficulties to our hair. Therefore, we need to be very watchful to protect our hair and keep the hairstyle.

Most of us have noticed that our hair don't shine brightly during summer time. This is because sun dries upper adipose layer of hair and disturbs albuminous balance. Salty water also has bad impact on hair, especially during vacations when we swim regularly and stay under sun. These two factors together make hair fragile, dull, especially hair tips. Hair almost stop shining because of uneven surface, they loose flexibility and become very easy to break.

So this is not only a problem of pretty looking hair, this is a serious problem of hair health, and we need to take care of it.


The first thing we need to do to have healthy hair is to protect them from direct sun rays - wear head gear. Nowadays we have a big choice of head gear: hats, panamas, bandanas, caps. But we must remember that hair must be able to breathe, so the perfect choice is a straw hat.

The second is the protection from salt. Each time after swimming we must wash hair very carefully to remove salt from hair and head skin. Most of the cosmetics brands have special products for summer time, which can take care of hair needs. These products are specially developed for those who spend lots of time on sunny beaches. While it is preferable to use "2 in 1" formula products during vacation, it is recommended to use separate shampoo and conditioner for more detailed care of hair and head skin.

Also we must take care of the liquid-salt balance of whole body. Usually 1.5 " 2 litres daily of healthy liquids will help us with health and beauty. But please note, that not every liquid is useful and healthy: only natural products are recommended, for example hot green tea or ice green tee with lemon, fresh fruit juice with ice, mineral water.

Disturbed albuminous balance can be recovered by the help of natural hair masks with protein additions. The masks must be used in healing order: apply mask on hair and head skin, wrap head up with cellophane, then wrap it up with a dry towel, let the mask stay for 15-20 minutes, then carefully wash your head. Stay away from chemical actions on hair (curling, coloring) during summer time, because they have their own bad impact on hair.

Taking care of your hair during vacation time will make your hair healthy during summer time and you will not have to spend time after vacation solving hair health problems.


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