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When it comes to sports, you just might do better with peppermint: Here is why

Peppermint benefits

It's quite natural for the human mind to desire the body to perform at its best, surpassing goal after goal in the quest to constantly better one's self. It’s also quite common to follow the natural route, opting for the use of herbs and extracts instead of troublesome drugs, the use of peppermint essential oils to benefit from included.

Research has already shown that peppermint comes in handy for everyday uses, such as:

Raises pain threshold: the external application of peppermint extract has been known to increase the human pain threshold and allow him/her to withstand much more than the average.

Calms nerves: peppermint aromas are often used to reduce anxiety and the perceived physical workload, increasing productivity and effort taken to execute it.

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Augmenting cognitive performance: research has shown that when taken through nose and mouth, peppermint increases one’s ability to concentrate and respond better to visual-motor tests, as well as increasing virtual recognition and working memory.

After all, the mint family has been found to be antispasmodic, painkilling, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant. Pretty good taste as well, considering mint use in cooked goods is often recommended and highly encouraged. Whether it’s a fresh leaf or dried powder or extracts from the herb, it’s hard to deny the importance of mint in a healthy diet, especially a Mediterranean or Middle Eastern one.

In a new study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, twelve healthy men were given a bottle of 500mL of mineral water containing peppermint essential oils to consume for ten days, before going for a treadmill run. What they found? The men performed much better, in terms of time to exhaustion, effort, power, blood pressure and respiratory rate. What does that mean? Scientifically speaking, the peppermint probably relaxed the bronchial muscled, increased ventilation to the brain to bring in more oxygen, and decreased the blood lactate levels. And you thought a Gatorade would do the trick… not so fast. Whereas an energy drink might help increase performance, simply putting peppermint into your water most definitely will, and without the artificial components that can later harm your physique.

You want to run faster, for longer, much easier and with higher stamina? Turn to the amazing effects of peppermint extracts. It’s about time science proved the natural to be better than a power drink.

Reference: Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition