Would You Like Free Email Consultations for Minor Illnesses?

Email consultations

Of late, there have been calls for doctors to pull up their sleeves and get tech-savvy through providing online email consultations. Furthermore, these calls have been for the free delivery of these electronic letters with proper responses to questions about children's illnesses.

The University of Michigan sent out a national poll to receive parents' opinions on the health care options available for their children. It is no secret that any mother or father would demand the best for their child, but also considers physical comforts.


According to national statistics, 92.6% of children have had contact with a doctor within the last year, of which many visits are not free and include extremely long waiting times. According to Forbes Magazine, children now end up waiting 4 months or longer to see sub-specialists and wait longer at doctors' offices for a simple checkup. The trend is also expected to get worse as the number of children in need increase with the population but the number of doctors and nurses available to treat them stagnates.

With all these figures before us, what's the best solution for our children? A poll looking at the opinions of 1,420 parents with a child aged 0 to 17 years old found that 77% would like to seek email advice, cutting down on wait times and ensuring their young ones receive timely proper consultations. 6% currently are privy to this form of medical attention. Of these concerned caregivers, 48% also believe it should be free. What do you think?

  • Would you rather keep your child at home and have your family doctor email you what is necessary? Would you rather a thorough checkup?
  • What are some pros and cons to this form of medical services?
  • How much is a reasonable cost for such consultations?


Have got CKD, hypertension and Diabetes. Need your advice accordingly.
We provide information about the subjects, each of which can be found by doing a search on our website. But yes, please see a doctor immediately!
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