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Who Are the Energy Vampires in Your Life?

energy vampires

Foregoing the taste of blood, vampires who exist in our lives prefer to suck energy, leaving you exhausted after leaving their presence. These individuals are very much human, but with an aura and possibly malicious mindset that feeds of the positive energy around them. Energy vampires inhabit all corners of the world and you have probably come across quite a few in your lifetime. Do you know who they are?

Close your eyes for a moment and allow yourself to remember. Ask yourself a few questions.

  • Have you met anyone who seemed to gain strength as you became more tired?
  • Do you know a man or woman whose company leaves you drained every time?
  • Is there a drama queen in your life who feels great after dumping all her problems on you, but you feel quite terrible after she's done with her rant?
  • Is there an overbearing man who pulls you down from your heights every time, burdening you with guilt and feelings of inadequacy?
  • Is there a woman who glows with newfound energy when you are too drained to continue an argument?

Chances are, you have at least one of these people in your life, or someone else who somehow always deflates your happy balloon. Many are married to these types of people, believing they are the ones in the wrong, thinking their partners have every right to act as they do, not realizing how their positive energy is sucked away the moment it starts to build up once more.

Oprah has talked about some great tips and tricks for getting rid of the energy sucking vampirism.

So, how DO you protect yourself from this form of thievery according to this lovely woman?

Know the signs, she says. Do you feel a tightening of the chest when someone enters the room, quite randomly? Is there a headache coming on when you lock eyes with a certain someone? Does a conversation on the phone leave you feeling utterly exhausted? Keep track of every time your body seems to be losing its momentum because there is another human body either in the room or speaking to you. Knowing who to avoid is always a good idea.

Now that you can pinpoint the person, take a deep breath. Oprah calls this a wonder way to center yourself, and boy do you need to find your balance again. That vampire has knocked you off-kilter. Trust me, I know the tense feeling you currently are experiencing in this state. A good deep breath will ready your body for the fight against having your energy drained. Don't lose control of your inner power.

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Use your own energy to fight back. Literally. You hear an onslaught of blame thrown in your face? Pull up a barrier, harden your heart if you will, but push back against the negativity. When you think that is what you want to do, you are already halfway to actually doing it. Don't let the negative energy make you feel small like it has so many times before.

Remain neutral as you set boundaries. Getting defensive is the worst thing you can do, only feeding into the negativity pushing against you. Clearly state what you will and won't do. Don't let your emotions override your sanity. You are in control, never forget that. You know what you're facing and you know when it begins to sap at your energy. Effectively steer clear of that boundary.

Steering clear is done by stepping back. At once. And looking into ourselves to find our unresolved issues. Anger simmering under the surface will only attract other angry people. Let it go, solve it as soon as possible, and simply walk away from those who want to leech off the energy you exude. They will move on to easier prey.

Oprah's definitely got her priorities straight and knows how to protect herself. Now it is time you managed to do so too.

So who exactly should you be avoiding or drawing your boundaries with?

  1. The constant talker: He won't stop tlaking about topics that sap energy
  2. The drama queen: She throws a fit over losing a dollar
  3. The knife twister: the insecure one who "consoles" with an insult

When you feel your energy has been sucked, turn to meditation. blank out your mind, cease your worries and allow the calming energy around you to rejuvenate your depleted resources. Surround yourself with good people, those who fill you up with joy, who your whole body reacts to with joyful excitement. It can be the child on the street who is always laughing, your calm boss with his ready advice and ease of manner, your best friend who can calm any fear with simply her presence. These are the ones whose presence you should bask in.

According to Psychiatrist Judith Orloff, energy vampires are most able to feed off the empathetic, those who will feel another's pain, who will try to relate with those in trouble, who respond to the world around the with similar emotions. I can relate.

I know I take away another's pain by allowing them to feed off my energy from time to time. Well, many like me will eat when around energy vampires, because we are uncomfortable. I find the idea of hanging out with people who prefer to be alone stimulating, like many other empaths. Major crowds make me feel sick and a seemingly pleasant dinner can leave me drained to the last drop. A daily bath comes in handy. Purifying the energy can be done with only pure elements. According to Doctor Orloff, burning sage will also clear your system and revitalize.

Thank goodness I'm a woman, automatically making me the happier gender. So kick those energy vampires out of your life and keep on laughing for a happier you!



You have described my ex mother in law. Oh my gosh. I would be exhausted just being in the room with her for 30 minutes. True story!
vay! It defines quite a few people in my life, including my ex LOL