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Which Test Can Make You Feel 5 Years Older in Just 5 Minutes?

Memory Tests Make You Feel Older

Tests await us at every corner and sometimes we like to indulge in a few good ones to check up on our personality, love life, and from time to time test our minds through memory tests. One of these tests actually works against us as we age, however.

A man walked up to a waitress and told her he might have been 65 years old, but he felt more like a 55 year old in terms of vitality. She smiled ruefully and gave him a test. He started to fill i out and progressively lost his smile, his enthusiasm and his quick hand. 5 minutes later, she asked him how old he felt now. He said he most definitely felt at least 60, 5 years older than his answer a scant few minutes before. She felt his pain and gave him a vocabulary test. This he had no problems with. "If I give the first test to someone under the age of 40, they will most likely not have the same reaction. They will state the same age they did before they started the test," the waitress says.

Confused? What exactly happened here? What was that test?

First and foremost, think of how old you are. If you have passed the age of 50 or 60, this most definitely applies to you.

Secondly, think about what you worry about most. Your health is most important, but there is a fear that we all have as we age. A fear that leads to a "chicken or the egg" conundrum, with depression leading to memory loss and memory loss leading to depression.

You guessed it correctly. Memory tests are what individuals over the age of 50 should beware of. Memory tests that have the power to make you feel older, to scare you into believing you are developing age-related diseases impairing memory.

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How old do you currently feel? It is very likely that you will think of or utter a number much younger than your actual or chronological age. This is your subjective age. According to studies, a single memory test holds the power to changing your mind about your subjective age in less than 5 minutes! That is an interesting thought, to say the least, but rather frightening in terms of how easy it is to change one's behavior and thought processes.

The press release speaking of the studies which allowed researchers to come to this conclusion also state that one does not even need to begin the test but will feel themselves aging by simply reading the instructions! Yikes!

So we know there's a problem. Now, are there any solutions?

There are some scientifically proven ways to fight memory loss in old age using what nature has to offer:

Furthermore, exercise your brain by doing crosswords, playing Sudoku and other counting games, reading constantly and doing brain gym activities.

If you are thinking about giving a child a gift, make sure it allows them to use their minds. This will ensure better memory in old age and fight off the effects of dementia. In effect, this will increase subjective age and help negate the effects of a memory test on how old a person feels.

What do you do to keep your memory young?