Top Cities for Health Oriented Baby Boomers

Healthy Baby Boomers

When it comes to picking the right city to spend your retired years in, many baby boomers expect a very different lifestyle and make their selections according to the health benefits each provide. After all, where once it was an accepted fact that one would gain weight and have mobility problems as he or she aged, today's retirees don't believe in such impediments, striving to remain as fit as possible.

Baby boomers need something much different than what is generally offered them. More than anything, they require access to health products and a lifestyle to suit heir needs. It's no easy feat to wake up early and go for a run, long before everyone else is awake and kicking. For this reason, life expectancy, health insurance, hospitals in the vicinity, mental/emotional health help in the area, and gyms/fitness courts become important points to base a decision on. The Huffington Post has been kind enough to explain the results of a certain study looking specifically at baby boomers.

Life Expectancy: Best cities often have a rather high life expectancy, with San Jose, California boasting the highest numbers with 82.48 years and the least from the top 10 list and Raleigh, NC with 79.70 years as an average.


Mental Health: Both mental and emotional health seem to be covered within the survey pointing towards Raleigh again, but this time with extremely high percentage of satisfaction found among the older population. Salt Lake City, with its 83.9% satisfaction.

Health Insurance: Boston has effectively made itself the top city with the highest percentage of baby boomers, around 94.8%, with health insurance. On the other hand, the lowest amount is found once again in Raleigh.

Hospitals: When it comes to the prevalence of hospitals in any given area, Salt Lake City has been found to have the most catering each group of 100,000, with 1.12 available for the people. Raleigh once again is lowest on the list with about 0.51 available for public use.

Gyms: When it comes to fitness and the use of gyms, Minneapolis takes the cakes hands down without space for doubt, with over 7 available for every 100,000 people. If one is not so interested in these activities, San Diego has the fewest facilities to offer alongside most gyms in the United States, nearly on par with most other top cities. Unfortunately, the comparison provides information on the least active individuals on the matter.

These are great statistics to choose from. Raleigh seems to be last on the list, but most of the other cities seem to offer much for men and women over the age of 50 and thinking about their Golden Years. It's rather amazing how they have taken health into consideration for most of their activities. Props to the newest upcoming retirees for keeping up such a positive lifestyle.