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Preventing Hair Loss Naturally With Joy Bauer's Top 7 Foods

How to prevent hair loss

When it comes to our hair, it is not only men who worry relentlessly about thinning and balding, but we also have women feeling the need to know how to prevent hair loss. Many believe there are easy fixes with fast results, turning to pills and vitamins that do the body more harm than good. There are better methods.

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Hair loss is a problem that affects over 40% of women in the US and at least 60% of women worldwide. Alopecia is the medical term for abnormal hair loss, which means more than 300 strands shed per day. Usual causes are genetics, the autoimmune disease known as alopecia, hormones (too much thyroid, not enough thyroid, low estrogen, high androgen), or trauma (an allergic reaction, high fever, stress). What else causes hair loss?

How do you prevent this continuous loss of hair? Joy Bauer has some pretty good suggestions.

• Do not abuse your hair. That’s right. Keep to large toothed combs and use of fingers to untangle. Do not pull your hair into knots and different hairstyles that pull against scalp.
• Careful with the medications used. Antidepressants, contraceptives and gout, arthritis or blood pressure treatment pills can cause massive hair loss.
• Keep a healthy diet, full of vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients to prevent hair loss.

It would be a good idea to invest in some natural shampoos too. Just make sure they are actually natural. There are many scams out there.

What exactly does a healthy diet mean when it comes to preventing hair loss according to America's top nutritionist?

1. Make sure to include the eggs: Sunny side up, boiled, scrambled, or poached, eggs are simply amazing with their richness in biotin and Vitamin B. One rarely needs biotin supplements and can receive it naturally though eggs, peanuts, almonds, what bran, salmon and avocados.

2. Get the pork tenderloin: Meat lovers can rejoice that their favorite foods are not cut from the list. This food has all the B vitamins you needs, helping carry oxygen to the scalp through red blood cells. For those who don’t like pork, stick to wild salmon, shellfish, beans, chicken, oatmeal, eggs and peanut butter.

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3. Go for spinach: Folate and Iron are the strengths of spinach, helping more than just the hair. The blood shed during menstruation reduces the iron in the body, which requires natural supplementation.

4. Use some lentils tonight: For the vegetarians out there, lentils make an amazing part of any meal, rich in iron and protein. Vegetarians have lower rates of iron in their blood supply, which lentils can help balance. Adding vitamin C to the mix allows the body to absorb the iron more quickly. Starchy beans and black-eyed peas will also do the trick.

5. Cut up the bell peppers: Whether they are green, red or yellow, it makes no difference. A delicious source of Vitamin C, it also includes iron and collagen, ensuring oxygen reaches hair follicles and the body literally stays together, taut.

6. Go for the sweetness of sweet potatoes: Beta-carotene and Vitamin A galore, these potatoes are great for the body as a whole. Just be careful not to have too much. That would only have the opposite effect and aid in shedding more hair. Carrots, kale, squash, cantaloupe, asparagus and pumpkin have the same properties as well

7. Add some oysters to your table: full of zinc, oysters will help repair tissue and grow healthier ones. Furthermore, it will keep those oil glands around the follicles working well and proper, ensuring a healthy head of hair with all the bounce and shine. Crabs, clams, liver, lean beef, nuts, seeds, peanut butter, fat-free yogurt and cheese can all help supplement the zinc supplies in the bodies, ensuring no dandruff develops as well. Careful though, joy caution that too much zinc from supplement pills can inhibit a person’s ability to take in copper, another essential mineral.

Of course, if one is absolutely adamant about using man-made constructs to prevent hair loss, here are 8 medically tested treatments you might enjoy.

Doctor Oz has his own secrets to share on how to prevent hair loss.

Some studies have shown that common eye drops might also help.

There are myths about hair loss also and medical conditions that contribute that should be investigated and never ignored.

Note: Do not expect immediate results, expecting a total end to hair loss. A healthy diet will mean that within 6 months to a year, your hair will see the results of your hard work and the beauty of it will shine bright and lovely to the world.