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Is the Rorschach Test Still Applicable to Determine Your Personality?

Rorschach Test

Personality tests are all the rage and self-analysis is quite popular, making Rorschach tests a favorite medium in figuring out who we really are by staring at inkblots. Today in particular, these tests are a Google favorite due to it being Hermann Rorschach's 129th birthday. All one has to do is open the search engine's main page and do a personal little test that can be shared on social media.

What exactly is this test?

We should start off by mentioning who Hermann Rorschach is first. Born November 8, 1884, in Zurich, Switzerland, he was a Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who rather liked Sigmund Freud's theories. The environment in which he had grown up has been described as "...an atmosphere of extraordinary intellectual, artistic and cultural concentration." Influenced by Carl Jung's word associations and Szyman Hens' studies using inkblot cards to analyze patients' fantasies, Rorschach created his own inkblot test to help decipher the thinking processes of those who weren't able to or did not want to effectively communicate their emotions. he looked at how patients projected their own associations on simple inkblots that can mean nothing or everything to a person. The data collected from this was used to determine a person's social behavior.

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In the 1960s, this particular test was the most popularly used by medical professionals, ranking eighth on the list. Has this popularity lasted into the 21st century, however?

Today, the entertaining version of the test is available online for free, a popular one I looked at in grade 12 for the first time as I studied psychology and became intrigued with personality tests. The real one can be bought as well. It may be used for entertainment among the general population, but medical experts also look to using it in their studies. This can be seen through such studies as:

Personality tests are fun to do but also rather insightful. They add a touch of understanding to our lives, strengthen our confidences and allow us to better work with others.

An amazing personality test to conduct in a workplace is the DiSC, allowing both employers and employees to learn about one another's strengths and weaknesses, ensuring better leaders and a more professionally conducted workforce.

Your favorite ice cream flavor can tell much about your personality as well as the favorite fruits you eat. Let's not forget your sleeping positions as well. Each part of your life determines a different part of your personality, revealing your secrets to those who know how to read the signs. The Rorschach Test is only one form of determining what one's personality is life for a doctor or average Joe off the street.