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Prescription Drugs in Your Vega One Drink?

Vega One Contamination

Vega One products should probably be put on hold for a while due to their chloramphenicol contamination, states Health Canada. The company disagrees with this assessment. Controversial issue?

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We like the healthy and Vega One has been a great producer of nutritional products that are good both for the body and the environment according to their claims. Customers seem to agree with these bold statements and for the most part, as seen on Amazon ratings, BodyBuilding, GNC, and many others. But is it all that great? Amazon seems to have the best balance of reviews to give. What are your thoughts?

In either case, apparently Vega One Vanilla Chai (437g and 874g formats) and Vega Sport Performance Chocolate shakes have been found to contain chloramphenicol, a prescription drug that should only be used under heavy medical surveillance by both adults and children and only if there is no other option available and the risks associated with it are carefully assessed. The side effects can be the onset of aplastic anemia, a serious blood disorder that can prove to be fatal. It can cause a serious allergic reaction or problems with bone marrow due to decreased blood counts. The side effects are sporadic and, as of yet, quite unpredictable.

"If you have consumed or are currently consuming Vega One Vanilla Chai and Vega Sport Performance Chocolate, you should immediately consult with your healthcare practitioner," calls out Health Canada urgently. All markets have been advised to withhold the sale of these products while Health Canada tries to have Vega One recall them for security reasons.

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The biggest health risk?

If you are pregnant, thinking of getting pregnant soon or lactating, it is highly advised to immediately cease taking in Vega One Vanilla Chai (437g and 874g formats) and Vega Sport Performance Chocolate. Personally, I'd say that any bit of food or medication that can harm an unborn child should not be taken in general unless absolutely necessary. After all, it means the chemical ingredients are high and harmful to the body as a whole. An adult might be able to fight it while still healthy, but I wonder what would happen should the immune system not be as strong as expected.

There have been many products often recommended for a Vegan diet, however.

What does Vega One say?

The Vega Blog has listed its products which may contain traces of the drug but have been adamant about stating that these products do not pose any risk. They seem to believe that all their products are 100% safe. Now the onus is on you. Would you continue eating and drinking something a government health agency has deemed potentially toxic to your system? Who would you believe in this case?

Let us add to the drama by giving you a MAJOR UPDATE. According to their website and a personal message by the company over twitter, "Dr. Jaap Hanekamp , the world recognized expert in chloramphenicol (CAP) research and environmental health sciences was asked to review the affected Vega products specifically. After a detailed analysis , Dr. Hanekamp determined that 'The Vega products under review pose no risk whatsoever for consumers over a lifetime of exposure'." The review can be found here. Now, it is a fact that Health Canada has issued such a warning concerning other products before and has later deemed them safe. We are now waiting for a similar announcement that points towards the deliciously nutritious Vega One's general safety.

If you would like to try something different, how about the DASH Diet for vegetarians and vegans? Or perhaps a great Vegan Burger? Should you decide to forgo it, there are many alternatives to Vega One.