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This Position Takes the Beauty Out of Your Sleep

This Position Takes the Beauty Out of Your Sleep

Beauty sleep is considered a luxury in this day and age, but we try our best to get as much of it as possible. We try to go to bed early, prefer to wake up late. We put cucumbers on our eyes and load our faces with masks and creams to prevent wrinkles and keep us lovely and youthful.

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But what is beauty sleep?
We should probably ask Estee Lauder about the necessity of sleep to stay younger. It appears as if a lack of sleep could cause many a problem according to the study quoted, including:

  • Sunburn: With low quality sleepers, the burnt skin remained inflamed and quite angrily red, over 72 hours after the initial exposure to sun, while high quality sleepers saw their skin return to normal 30% quicker.
  • BMI: 23% of high quality sleepers were found to be obese, versus 44% of low quality sleepers, indicating the body’s problems with repairing and regulating when deprived of sleep.
  • Self-Confidence: Those who managed to get a good amount of sleep and allow their bodies the rest required, also saw an increase in self-confidence and higher rates of optimism in their lives.

How does the way we sleep make us look older?
According to Dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe, the position in which we sleep can determine the extent of wrinkles we develop over time. These are sleep lines that form as one sleeps in the same position night after night, often on the side of the face or on the chest. They form if one tends to sleep on the side or on the belly, with the face pressed against the pillow.

Training your body to sleep on your back would be the best method. And in case you were thinking about forgoing your allotted 7-9 of sleep tonight, maybe you should learn about the 21 not-so-sexy effects of sleep deprivation before heading off to bed.