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One Major Reason to Wine as you Dine: Treat and Prevent Most Cancers

Red Wine and Grapes

When it comes to fighting off cancer, a new study has discovered that red grapes and the wine made from them are kicking major behind, where drinking red wine means lower cancer risks.

Multiple cancers fall prey to a compound found in the fruit and its fermented form. There are always some great reasons to have wine with your dinner, when home or out with friends. Few actually need a reason to enjoy a glass though.

What the study conducted at the University of Missouri found was that resveratrol can make tumour cells more susceptible to radiation. While the compound was able to kill off 44% of cancer cells on its own, the numbers increased to 65% when adding radiation to the mix. That's a pretty big jump in itself, though the original number is intriguing.

The original research centered upon the compound's ability to fight off melanoma cells. Often, one form of research will unveil a wealth of other forms of knowledge. "Because of difficulties involved in delivery of adequate amounts of resveratrol to melanoma tumors, the compound is probably not an effective treatment for advanced melanoma at this time," says Michael Nicholl, MD, assistant professor of surgery at the MU School of Medicine and surgical oncologist at Ellis Fischel Cancer Center in Columbia. The findings however, pointed to another reality. Nearly every form of cancer can be eradicated with a glass of wine a day, building on the success of combining radiation with resvatrol to treat the version created specifically for prostates.

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Resvatrol has many uses in itself, making an appearance in the news for years:
Fighting aging cells: It may seem rather far-fetched, but the main cell resvatrol attacks, found in a study looking at mice, is Sirtuin 1. Hopefully there are newer studies on this particular issue.

Blood Sugar Management: Type II Diabetes doesn't stand a chance against the power of grapes, no matter what form the red ones come in.

Bashing Breast Cancer: A joint Italian and American previous study reported that resveratrol can stop the growth of breast cancer cells by interrupting the effects of estrogen.

Protect against hearing loss: This one is new and quite certainly unheard of for the most part, though it is most definitely a handy piece of knowledge to place behind ear. Perhaps make a trip to a vineyard. Both the grapes and the wine would do one great and any hearing problems will be positively affected.

Grab a glass of red wine made from red grapes and enjoy your evening. You have efficiently fought off cancer while taking pleasure in quality fermentation. After all, drinking red wine means less of a cancer risk.

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