More Must-Have Healthy Herbs to Grow in Your Home

Healthy herbs to grow at home

When it comes to healthy living, herbs are a great way to get your greens and ensure your body is functioning as it should. Nature has provided us with a bountiful feast that grows easily and makes for a great snack on a hot summer’s day. Well, maybe not all, as the chives might makes you smell a bit, being garlic and all. But hey, they all taste amazing when cooked in delicious dishes.

Some amazing herbs with magical healing powers were mentioned in the last article. There are so many, it’s impossible to count, but we’ve picked some common herbs that you can easily grow in your own home:

Chives: belonging to the garlic family, chives are great cancer-fighting warriors that also lower cholesterol levels, though not as powerful as their vegetable relatives, the garlic. They do, however, greatly boost one’s immune system. The main cancers they fight? Prostate, stomach and breast. They don’t need much space, nor much sunlight and any type of soil works for growing them.

Dill: when it comes to a king of herbs, dill tops the lists with its anti-cancerous effects on the body, as well as warding off insomnia, diarrhea, indigestion, menstrual and respiratory disorders, and, believe it or not, hiccups. A large pot and lots of sunlight will have this healthy herb growing right in your home. Just make sure to water it once every week or 2.


Sage: For ancient Egyptians, it was thought to extend life. Sage has been used for centuries, however, as a natural remedy for sore throats and coughs. Studies today may not have enough information to verify this, but it most definitely is a great mood and memory enhancer, especially when promoting thinking and learning in the elderly. It fights early aging and reduces anxiety, as well. As a high-maintenance herb, it needs plenty of sunlight and water daily to thrive.

Mint: Whether it’s calming your stomach or stopping the itchiness of your skin, fighting off colds or easing headaches, mint, and peppermint in particular, is a great herb to grow in your yard. And a yard you will need as these lovely things well known to the Mediterranean will choke out anything that grows nearby, spreading without care. Keep them enclosed where you want them and keep away from other herbs or they might be murdered while you sleep.

Lemongrass: Increasing one’s antioxidant defense system, lemongrass is one of the easiest herbs to grow. Place a stalk in water and it will take root and produce multiple new sprouts. Voila! Makes for a great snack too.

Oregano: Antimicrobial, antioxidant and anticancerous, oregano reduces stress and depression, alongside regulating blood glucose, reducing inflammation and boosting immunity. It’s another king of the herbal world that can be grown on your windowsill so long as there is 6-8 hours of sunlight.

Herbs can be grown easily and make great additions to your meals. Just bring in a pot, some soil, water and sunlight.