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Join the Movement by Growing your Mustache Against Prostate Cancer this Movember


How long will you be growing your mustache to raise awareness this November about men's health and prostate cancer? Long or short, curled or straight, with or without a beard, the mustache represents the fight against prostate cancer and spreading awareness about the disease. Be named a Mo Bro by joining in with thousands of other men and Mo Sistas to put an end it.

A pub joke gone viral from Australia, the Mo phenomenon has spread well into different parts of the world, particularly to Canada. The United States may not be reverberating with news about prostate cancer to the same degree, but it does not go unnoticed. Each individual is honoring victims of this dreadful disease in a different manner. Have you decided how you would do it?

Is Movember only about men growing mustaches to spread awareness to other men?

Men are not only growing their 'staches to honor other men suffering from cancer, but also the women in their lives facing the same predicament. Furthermore, there are women with cancer themselves who are able to grow mustaches and have begun the process full of confidence, despite their gender. You do not necessarily need to be a man nor be honoring only men to partake in the movement.

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Of course, there are always Do's and Don'ts when it comes to growing facial hair, particularly a mustache. Some are hilarious, some actually quite practical.

Who should beware of prostate cancer?

  • Men over the age of 50
  • North Americans and Northwestern Europeans
  • Those of African descent
  • Men whose family members have developed it or have it in their genes
  • Men who eat red meat
  • Men who smoke marijuana
  • Men who are obese

So how do you treat it?

Treatment options for prostate cancer are still being researched and a definite answer does not exist. There are, however, multiple breakthroughs throughout this past year that inspire hope!

This year, over 3 million people have registered onto Movember.com and will be raising both awareness and funds to ensure the research that would help eradicate this disease from the world doesn't stop. What will you be doing to raise awareness this Movember? We would be interested to know, whether you are male or female. After all, cancer does not discriminate, even if prostate cancer can only hit men.. hard.