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Choosing the Healthiest Snack: Selecting and Storing Celery Correctly

Health Benefits of Celery

As a vegetable often confused for cucumbers why children, celery holds a wealth of health benefits, making it one of the most important greens to include in your fridge and on your plate. A Mediterranean favorite, the green stalk is also possibly native to India, Nepal and China, with its medicinal properties recognized as early as the 9th century AD.

What makes celery so important?

Think of it this way: any little green stick that is full of vitamin K, folate, vitamin A, potassium, vitamin C, and molybdenum, as well as having nearly no calories, is a king among snacking options. It may be green and lack sugar, but it will not let you down on the health front.

There are many reasons to turn to celery, but these 10 are quite significant:

1. Fights Pancreatic Cancer: Apigenin in celery provide the perfect distraction for cancer cells, causing apoptosis and impairing glucose intake.

2. Fights Breast Cancer: Luteolin combined with apigenin, both found in celery, has resulted in a 19% decrease in breast cancer risk.

3. Fights Ovarian Cancer: The apigenin found in celery has shown a 21% in ovarian cancer reduction, after nearly all confounding factors were removed. This is great reason for women to rejoice and grab a celery stick for a daily snack.

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4. Fights multiple other cancers: These include leukemia, thyroid, lung, colon, and prostate cancers fought with the apigenin component.

5. Fights Cholesterol: Celery benefits work by reducing the bad cholesterol (LDL) by 27% while increasing the good and protective cholesterol (HDL) by 28%.

6. Lowers Blood Pressure: Celery has shown in lab studies to inhibit the enzyme known for constricting blood vessels. 6 Grams of celery seed powder did the trick for those taking part in an Iranian study. If the powder is that good, the fresh celery can’t go wrong.

7. Prevents Diabetes: The vitamin k in celery is the important factor in decreasing diabetes, with those combining celery as a snack alongside their regular exercise reducing their chances of developing Type II by 20%. Celery does its job by reducing inflammation, which in turn increases insulin sensitivity and improves glucose metabolism.

8. Relieves Gout: Celery is believed to treat gout by modulating uric acid levels, with a 56% reduction shown alongside the reduction of inflammation and pain associated with the disease.

9. Boosts Memory: Luteolin acts as a guard against inflammation, ensuring the mind is able to restore its working memory to how it would be at a younger age.

10. Adds a Sexy Spice to Life: Normally it is men who are sexually more attracted to women, but celery has shown evidence of producing pheromones which make men irresistible to the women around them. That is one way to score a girl!

When it comes to picking the best celery and storing it well, ensure you buy it during the summer months at its freshest. Choose crisp, compact, and relatively light celery where the stalks snap off quite easily. Ensure the leaves are pale and bright green, without any yellow or black spots. To store, use a container or plastic bag and place in fridge to maintain it's sturdiness. You now have a great snack and can fully enjoy the preventative health benefits of celery.

Source: Life Extension Magazine