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Breaking Out of Her Shell: Autism Shines with Unimaginable Intelligence

Smart and intelligent autistic people

The moment we hear our children are diagnosed with autism, the stress kicks in. We ask ourselves a myriad of questions, hoping against hope for the best but often expecting the worst. Will they reach all their milestones? Will they regress? Will they be able to live on their own at some point in their lives? What happens to them if I am not there to provide the care?

The struggle becomes very real, looming over our heads like an axe ready to strike. We forget ourselves and focus on our children, trying to be the best parent possible while also striving to teach them how to survive in this rather huge, confusing, and often cruel world.

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Yet sometimes, the unimaginable happens, giving us pure joy and suddenly lighting the light of our children's futures. This is probably how Carly Fleischmann's parents felt upon discovery that their flailing, developmentally severely challenged daughter was actually quite intelligent and capable of feeling and thinking, just as any individual her age.

The Genius Appears in Autism
According to an article published in Functional Neurology, despite having many social deficits, autistic individuals sometimes display unexpected and extraordinary skills in music, the arts, calculation and memory, presented through the hypothesis of hyperfunctioning. This seems to fit with the latest discoveries that the autistic brain works an average of 42% more than the typical brain, even at rest. This would explain why many autistic children withdraw into themselves.

Critical, Unrelenting Efforts Lead to Amazing Results!
If you want to hear the story of a great success, moving from developmental delay wherein she would never have her mind grow past the age of 6. At the age of 11, discovering the computer meant she was now able to communicate. There is always hope! Carly's story tells us all to never give up. After all, the world is changing and new technology means there are always new chances to get the voices of those who we believe have no voice heard through a megaphone.